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Welcome to a supportive membership community designed to guide you through this time of evolution. As a member, you'll receive exclusive access to a range of unique offerings aimed at fostering growth, understanding, and connection.

Monthly Audience-Specific Channeled Livestreams
Every month, I host audience-specific channeled livestreams where you can receive personalized support and guidance. During these sessions, I work closely with a team of Guides dedicated to the support and growth of humanity. These livestreams provide a safe and open space to explore various topics in-depth, free from censorship.

Monthly Forecasts for Each Sign
In addition to the livestreams, I record a monthly forecast for each astrological sign. These forecasts serve as a handy roadmap, highlighting the energy themes for the month ahead. By understanding these themes, you can navigate the upcoming weeks with greater clarity and confidence.

I've created a library of topic rich videos and articles to help you on your path.  $5 per month (cancel at any time).

The $10 Tier level includes discounts on group sessions and personal sessions.

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