June Part 1

June Part 1


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Anyone who watched this YouTube video would do themselves a service to sign up for Jean’s monthly live stream . It is a safe space where Jean dives deeply into channeling exactly what the participants need to hear, to better make sense of our changing world! I’m always in awe of Jeans abilities, and knowledge, as she explains in detail what the participants need to hear in these transformative times. Jean always takes time for questions, and discussion as her guides will answer in real time. It’s amazingly uplifting!
I have participated monthly for years, and look forward to it every month.
I have also had private sessions, which have helped me to be clearer on my life path/ direction.
Jean helps me to have a clearer understanding of the universe, and how to work with the energies on planet for the good of the collective.
I highly recommend this monthly service, as it’s been a life changing guide for me, which has enhanced my intuition, awakening, and soul growth. It’s very reasonably priced, and feel anyone who attends at least once, will greatly benefit ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Melissa Chevrier

Thank you for the perspective around relationships. It does make sense considering where, as a collective, we are moving to. It’s all about understanding and clearing the muck under our shoes. Great insight!

Nikki Bentley

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