Jupiter transits Pisces (again) from Dec. 28 - May 10, 2022

Jupiter transits Pisces (again) from Dec. 28 - May 10, 2022

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December 28th when Jupiter re-enters Pisces until May 10th 2022.  He then transits Aries  through October 29th 2022 and retrogrades back into Pisces until December 20th 2022.

Jupiter rules the sign of Sagittarius the explorer.  The glyph of Jupiter looks like the number 4 and symbolizes the personality rising above the material world and no longer feeling confined by it.  Moving beyond the 3rd dimensional time and space continuum up into the dimensions beyond where other realities, frequency and light exists. 

In mythology Jupiter is the King of Gods and of mankind.  Let’s go back to the sign it rules, Sagittarius.  This mutable Fire Sign or “adaptable enthusiasm” is symbolized by an arrow pointing upward towards the sky.  This sign is referred to as the archer and the centaur.  The centaur is half animal and half man and is the archetype of being grounded in the earth dimension while connecting through the mind to higher potentials of expression and to liberating himself from his lower nature (or what we call the shadow).

Jupiter is a massive gas planet that is 11 times larger than earth and takes 12 years to orbit around the Sun.  However, he sometimes slows down or speeds up his solar orbit so that he has a longer stay in some zodiac signs than in others.  This is a fairly quick trip through Pisces last approximately 9 months.

On a scale of expression Jupiter ranges from the extravagant, bigoted, indulgent, fanatic and narcissistic to the expansive, optimistic and tolerant.

The basic function of this planet and archetype is to lift man out of the material and physical desires to connect and stimulate growth on all levels. 

Jupiter rules the liver, pancreas, insulin, thighs, blood circulation, cell development and tumors and growths.  The things it rules are legal affairs, high courts, higher education (college), foreign affairs, books, printing, publishing, governments, and organizations.

The people represented are the masses.  While Jupiter transits Pisces we should experience a more sympathetic, charitable and gentle collective energy.  This transit will expand the desire for intuitive and expansive connection to the higher realms, your higher self and spiritual connections.  There is a need to discover and expand your own essence and sense of dimensional self. 

Connection with nature and its rhythms will be highlighted and you seek to restore frayed nerves and recover from the heavier energy dynamics the Saturn Pluto conjunction represented.  An interest in natural and holistic healing will increase.  The Covid pandemic is highlighting the masses immune system and what is needed to strengthen your overall health. 

Vaccine expansion and access is highlighted.  WE are also seeing a developing cast system defined as Formal and informal social stratification and classification which confers status - those with vaccination “papers” or digital verification and those without.  Those with vaccine verification at this juncture are indicating more freedom of movement to travel, attend sporting and entertainment venues, college entry and attendance and are increasingly being used in the private corporate and business centers as a way of maintaining one’s employment and in the successful attainment of employment.

When Saturn opposed Pluto building up to the global 9/11 event we experienced a broadening of power as a global surveillance state was enacted due to the threat of terrorism.

This theme is once again repeating this theme of the expansion of digital access/control and human freedom.  Jupiter is also the legislator and represents legal decisions and themes.  This raises a whole other data set of privacy and freedom issues and HIPPA.

While the current administration quietly examined the possibility of government legislation around vaccines the push back was palpable and has since been involved in interfacing with the private and corporate structures regarding vaccine passports.

Echoing the theme of the Saturn in Aquarius (control and populations) square Uranus in Taurus (digital values, earnings and physical movement) energy that will perfect again in mid-June 2021 from 13 degrees Aquarius to Taurus.  And again when Jupiter transits back into Pisces in December and when the 3rd square occurs between Saturn and Aquarius from 11 degrees Aquarius to Taurus.

Yet, compassion is also a strong feature with the Jupiter Pisces transit.  An increased interest in meditation and the mind/body connection will increase in the collective energy.  Pisces rules the 12th house of the natural zodiac wheel which represents how you release, retreat, recovery, seclusion, spending time alone, the contemplative process, private research, working in private,

Jupiter will expand and exaggerate the Piscean energy – Pisces rules drugs, hospitals, prisons, retirement homes, institutions of all kinds, mental health, addiction, past lives, the ways you escape, private life, inner life, dreams and dreaming (Patreon).  You may overcome some long-held fear or other important insights and breakthroughs can occur in the psyche.

This transit will square the other mutable signs of Gemini, Sagittarius and will oppose Virgo. If you have planets or angles in the early degrees of these signs it may be a time of breakthroughs or the need to wait for more information and insight.

Sagittarius and hence, Jupiter governs the 9th house of the natural zodiac which represents long-distance travel, colleges, thirst for knowledge, teachers, professors, religious organizations, publishing and promoting one’s ideas.  The 9th house also signifies the law, higher courts and legal issues.

The Pisces holds rulership over Chemical engineers, clairvoyance, charitable organizations, chiropractors, photographers, life guards, having to do with the ocean, boats, sleep, spirituality, oil, writers, mysticism, religion, podiatrists, monasteries, wardens, detectives, bartenders, professions connected with water, large animal handlers, fishing and boating, chemistry, secret societies, penitentiaries, jails, hospitals, ships, sanitariums, swimming, service stations, wardens, writing, artists, drug sales, fountains, water plants, poison, religion.

Movies, artistry, peace and intuitive development.  Pay attention to your dreams that often reveal the subconscious self.  Ancestral energy and past lives are also under the expanding domain of Pisces and Jupiter. 

 It is also a powerful time to feel more synchronicity in your life.

Jupiter in Pisces seeks the origin and wholeness of life. There will be an increased emphasis on connection rather than separation, and spiritual and altruistic themes will gain in importance.

The motto of our time - keep your distance - could receive a paradoxical component by the realization that we are all connected in many ways, whether we like it or not.

From the lovely book “The Afterlife by Billy Fingers” I leave you with this sentiment – “The bliss of the higher worlds is like being in love multiplied by a thousand, but it has nothing to do with anyone else.”  When you reach out with intention to engage with the essence of you the love comes pouring in.  In working with hundreds of other people’s higher self, guides and angels I can unequivocally attest to this.  The Ascension path is about reconnecting to this truism. 

Love and light.



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