Learning to Live in a New Way

Learning to Live in a New Way

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Living in a New Way - the Era of Integration

My goal is to aid awakening souls combining clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance and your birth mapping to relay information about your soul’s path and purpose.
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Our planet has been changing for some time as we are literally experiencing more energy flowing in from our Solar System.  We are entering another area of the Galaxy which has tsunami like energy waves.

This has an affect on people and their behavior.  Some are wakening at lightening speed shedding limitations and fears while most are awakening to the realities of the embedded programming that began while we were young children.

During this time of high energy Karma is more immediate.  Forgiveness stops the wheel of Karma - forgiveness for self and all of the things you did not know.  It's often easier to forgive others than yourself - please try.

Earth is specifically designed to learn and evolve through the expression of one's emotions.  No other planet carries this wide a spectrum of emotional expression.  Many have come here to learn through relationship, especially the challenging familial connections.

It is a powerful time to be alive and experience self-mastery.  You have the ability to use all of your power and awareness knowing that you are the God/Master that you are.  This energy ultimately allows you to live as you wish to.  Taking the time to quiet the mind in meditative states such as daydreaming, quieting self, looking out the window and loosing time and space. 

Everyone should daydream as it is a natural state for the human experience and should be enjoyed.  It allows you to rest the organs, nervous system and to become more aware of yourself. 

You are not victims but volunteers.  Deal with the terrorist within and there will be no terrorists without.  Come into the wholeness of yourself.  If you are less critical of self the need to criticize others lessons.  Recognize your challenges as opportunities for growth - embrace them.
Much Love, Jean ~
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I’ve been feeling I needed to make major changes in my life , from a “nudge” I received last week ! This post just affirmed that I am making right decisions! I just reconciled two days ago with siblings that I haven’t spoken to in several years! I never expected that to happen! I let go of the attitude that was not serving me and let love fill my heart instead! I need my two big sisters in my life right now !
Major changes are in play, from My living arrangements , the people that I need to let go of, and the ones I need to draw closer to me are now clear as day! This was just affirmed by your post, giving me whole body goosebumps to show me you’re spot on!
I’m always amazed at how accurate and knowledgeable you are!
Self preservation is needed now, more than ever!
After reading this, Your guidance helps me make sense of the changes I have been instinctively making, and will continue to make! I will TRUST

Melissa Chevrier

Hi Jean,
THANK YOU for this!
I read this as a ray of hope and support…,,


Thanks Miss Jean,

Enjoyed this lovely perspective.


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