March 12th:  Jupiter conjunct Chiron

March 12th: Jupiter conjunct Chiron

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Jupiter represents expansion, growth, and optimism, while Chiron represents healing, transformation, and the integration of the wounded aspects of the self. When Jupiter forms a conjunction with Chiron it can bring opportunities for healing and growth in areas related to personal and spiritual development.

This aspect can indicate that growth and expansion may come through confronting and integrating past wounds and traumas. There may be a deep desire for spiritual growth and healing, as well as a willingness to explore new perspectives and ways of living. This aspect can also bring a sense of optimism and hope, as well as a willingness to take risks and embrace new opportunities.

On the negative side, this aspect can also indicate a tendency towards over-optimism and a lack of grounding in reality. There may be a tendency to avoid or bypass emotional wounds, rather than confronting them directly. However, with self-awareness and a willingness to face the truth, Jupiter conjunct Chiron can bring about significant growth and transformation, particularly in the areas of spiritual and personal development.

Comment from YouTube Subscriber:  "So many people don’t recognize nor even want to look at the injuries incurred in their lives so far. At times, these same people tend to behave in an injurious manner towards others. I love how you point out that offering compassion makes these interactions easier. My need to control has decreased exponentially with how much I’ve worked on healing myself. You make some really good points Jean! Please correct me if I’m not getting it right. Thanks for continuing to share some of your work on this platform."

My Response:  "You are getting it right and thank you for sharing.  Much Love."

What is Projection?  It is a defense mechanism where an individual unconsciously attributes their own unacceptable or unwanted thoughts, feelings, or behaviors onto another person. When someone is wounded, they may project their own feelings of hurt, anger, or pain onto others. For example, someone who has been betrayed by a friend may start to believe that everyone is untrustworthy, even if that is not the case.

Likewise, when someone is wounding others, they may also use projection as a defense mechanism to avoid taking responsibility for their actions. They may blame others for their own mistakes or shortcomings, rather than acknowledging and addressing them directly.

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Thanks so much for this. I have Jupiter conjunct Chiron in my eleventh house natal chart. Now I know what it means.


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