Mars slows and stations retrograde October 30th

Mars slows and stations retrograde October 30th

Mars slows down considerably now for his retrograde on the 30th of October moving only two degrees over the next two weeks from 23 degrees Gemini to 25 degrees the degree point at which he stations and holds through November 9th.
Discussions and agreements are amplified. Mars stations direct on January 13th at 8 degrees Gemini and it will take until the mid-March timeframe for him to move past the retrograde degree. Negotiations will proceed more slowly and will need focused discernment delineating what can and cannot actually be achieved.

This retrograde will slow ego driven speech patterns/reactions as Mars retrograde Gemini highlights focused intention and careful thought in both personal and professional exchanges.

Gemini represents your local community, cars, movable parts, telecommunication systems and neighborhood. Mars brother, Mercury, the ruler of Gemini signifies friends, children, siblings, and neighbors. These areas and people are ripe for review, revisiting and reconsideration.

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