May 10th:  Mercury retrograde and Jupiter's transit of Aries

May 10th: Mercury retrograde and Jupiter's transit of Aries

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Tuesday, May 10th: Mercury retrograde 5 degrees Gemini transits back into Taurus on the 21st and stations direct on June 3rd at 26 degrees of Taurus. Mind is the reasoning principal we use to make sense of the world around us and is the builder of our perceptions and hence, reality.


Gemini is the communicator both internally and externally and it's a powerful time to review your own inner narratives and the stories you tell yourself. It's a useful period to review any self-sabotaging self-talk that is in need of new information.

Mercury retrograde invites a review of plans, connections, and inner awareness.  You revisit themes and information formed at an earlier time to enhance and refine.  Mercury retrograde periods often bring forth people, connections, and places to revisit.

In the sign of Gemini siblings, neighbors, friends, relatives and children are highlighted.  You may revisit car repairs, contracts, and computer data although this not a good time to purchase these very items or to sign long term contracts.

Mercury retrograde mines data from the past to renew and regenerate plans and perceptions into your future.

Jupiter transits into the sign of Aries at this Mercury retrograde through the end of October.  The planet of optimism and expansion brings focus to your sense of self, identity, levels of personal confidence and self directing agency.

Jupiter represents the higher mind and consciousness, and Mercury the lower mind of day to day plans, mobility and information.

Jupiter emphasizes a thirst for knowledge, study, teaching and expansion that serves your personal growth and sense of self. Personal expansion tied to ideas, information and people linked to your past are ripe for new cycles of personal growth going forward.
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