October 27/28th ~ New Moon in Scorpio

October 27/28th ~ New Moon in Scorpio


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Sunday, October 27th - New Moon exact at 11:38 p.m. EDT at 4 degrees Scorpio opposition Uranus

The glyph for Scorpio symbolizes the masculine sexual anatomy.  The Scorpion and the Eagle are pictures used to describe the sign.  The Scorpion is cunning and can sting while the Eagle is majestic and powerful with the ability to rise above the material world.

New Moons carry trajectories of two weeks until the next Full Moon in November and 6 months when Scorpio experiences it's Full Moon in May 2020 ~

Scorpio is a feminine and fixed water sign.  Deep feelings, emotions and responsiveness are found here.  Much determination is found in this sign and can demonstrate great ambition, efficiency, courage, resourcefulness and intuition.

The shadow side, under stress, can evoke sarcasm, resentfulness, stubbornness, possessiveness and vindictiveness.  Parts of the body ruled by this sign are the nose, bladder, sex organs, adenoids, and the elimination of body waste through the bladder and bowels.

The New Moon vibrates to the energy of furthering your stability and foundational security.  This is a powerful time to engage in personal change and deepening resolutions in connection with your money, resources, sexuality, determination and organization.

The opposition to Uranus seeks renewal, freedom, excitement, progress and innovative connection through friends, partners, technology and resources.

Mercury in Scorpio retrogrades just four days later on the 31st,  Halloween in the United States, at 28 degrees Scorpio.  Mercury says, "this is an important time to look back to former connections, plans, soul urges, and resources in order to refine, understand deeply and engage with your intuitive guidance system."  Intuition may not necessarily line up with the conscious mind...just yet.  The ego, or conscious mind, is often fearful and resistant to change.  Hence, the need to slow down the monkey chatter.

Mars the planet of masculine energy (and co-ruler of Scorpio) is feeling impotent, frustrated and impatient as he squares the planet of lessons and maturation, Saturn. Saturn is the testing principal on the planet through challenges, hard work, patience and personal responsibility.  Mars Saturn combinations also signify great determination and focus. Fear patterns, often inherited through the family and societal structures also falls under Saturns domain.

Mars will then go on to square Pluto (co-ruler of Scorpio), from the 3-6th of November furthering the tense transformative and maturing influence regarding wisdom, ego, ambitions, work, the subconscious and how you go about getting what you want. ~






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