Huge amount of content on Patreon!

Huge amount of content on Patreon!

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Examples of Content in Video Library:

All Signs 2020 Year Ahead Videos

Relationship between Ascendant/Descendant 

Progressed Moon through the Signs/Houses

Earth's Pole Shift

Age of Aquarius

Conscious Business

The Angles in the Chart

Trauma Patterns

Solar Return Chart

North Node and Soul Development

Your Dreams and Information Flow

Chiron transits Aries (sign by sign)

Your Mars Sign

Abrasive Parents    


Health and Chakra Systems   

Dealing with Chaos   

Vibrational Value of Music

Saturn Returns   

Life Cycles (30's, 40's, 50's...etc.)    

State of the World and managing your energy     

US Nessus return (patterns of abuse)   

Ascendant vs. Sun Sign  

Consciously Choosing your Thoughts   

Astrology Aspects (oppositions/conjunctions/trines)    

Spirit Guides   

Planet Earth and Soul Growth

US 2019 Transits   




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