Nov. 17 - 20th:  Mars square Pluto

Nov. 17 - 20th: Mars square Pluto

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Often when emotions feel stuck or frozen you may be under the influence of a Pluto transit.  It can takes years to reflect and unpack the developments that occur as the planet transits back and forth over your personal chart point.

This week however the Mars transit is quick and assertive - the aspect perfects on Sunday just after the New Moon (17 degrees Libra to Capricorn) but with Mars you tend to feel it early.  If you want to make change, clean out the old, remove decay, and deal with anything (emotional, tangible, psychological) that you realize has out worn it's usefulness this is your time.

You may feel rather compulsive during this time which is understandable as Pluto also represents your subconscious mind and those half-formed fears and complexes that don't always see the light of day.  Tend to yourself.

Power tripping is easily predicted when these two planets combine.  Unexpected anger and simmering resentments may be bubbling closer to the surface than is your norm.  Okay, invite it up, give it a seat at the table and shine some light on what needs to change.

Some folks will be triggered and be aware that you may be too.  Keep yourself out of harms way and avoid volatile beings and environments.

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