Nov. 3 - November 18th:  Saturn trines Uranus

Nov. 3 - November 18th: Saturn trines Uranus

Saturn now separates from Chiron and moves into trine with the awakener Uranus (25 degrees Sagittarius to Aries).  This transit merges the themes of structure and sustainability with the energies of freedom and inspiration.

Within your established structures you gain more freedom of movement and flexibility.  You appreciate your reality while also applying new and fresh insights.  Making even small changes, adjustments and implementing different approaches is a breath of fresh air.

Growth comes as a result of your efforts to develop your personal uniqueness and individuality. The combination of these planets symbolizes a period of disciplined inventiveness. You will have the tenacity and willpower to cope with any difficulties that may arise.

Your sense of personal identity blends well with established forms of philosophy, education and spiritual principals.

Active intelligence finds an avenue of expression within the forms and structures of society.  Growth is experienced.  You create strong physical anchors for the externalization of the Creative Mind and your individual (Soul) purpose.

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