December 22nd:  Mercury stations direct in Sagittarius

December 22nd: Mercury stations direct in Sagittarius

Mercury stations direct on December 22nd at 13 degrees Sagittarius and moves beyond his retrograde shadow on January 11th.

Mercury rules cognitive functioning, your conscious perceptions, plans, children, siblings, friends and relatives.  Mercury transiting Sagittarius seeks expansion, growth, higher knowledge, opportunity and moving beyond limits.  Sagittarius also represents intuition replacing reason. 

I often state that the left brain is the last to know.  Within you are many levels and facets of knowledge - instinct and intuition often outpace the ego driven left brain.  Don't get me wrong - we need the left brain to drive on the right side of the road, to keep and schedule appointments, pay bills, form logical statements and communicate in the commonly accepted structures of language and expression.

Yet knowledge goes far beyond what the left brain is able to comprehend.  Mercury's transit of the mutable fire sign Sagittarius highlights the Higher Mind and the potential for the Higher Mind to overshadow the Lower Mind (Left Brain).

A desire and thirst for knowledge is strong now as you seek understanding in larger issues.  Increased focus in the areas of travel, education, publishing, philosophy, higher consciousness and adventure is natural now.  Communications can be more impulsive, blunt, versatile, grandiose and narcissistic. 

On December 3rd Mercury stations retrograde at 29 degrees of Sagittarius where you are encouraged to table long term decisions, purchase expensive items, electronics, houses and cars.  Mercury retrograde Sagittarius invites a time to review your thoughts, philosophies and belief systems.  It is not coincidence that Mercury is slowing down to concentrate and focus on all that Saturn has brought in the manner of lessons and maturity before he exits Sagittarius and transits into Capricorn at the end of the month.  You can interpret Mercury as the Human Resource "exit interview" of Saturn before he leaves the Archers domain and heads into the mountain climbing terrain of the Capricorn Goat.

This has been a "potent" period to exercise discernment both politically and personally.  Mercury wants to enhance this message during the month of December.  Go back and review, revisit, rethink and refine those ideas, documents, educational plans, legal data, publishing projects and travel itineraries.  Often when Mercury retrogrades you have the time "finally" to go back to areas of interest that you didn't have the time nor concentration for in the past.

Mercury stations direct on December 22nd at 13 degrees Sagittarius and moves beyond his retrograde shadow on January 11th. ~

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Lovely thank you Jean!

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Excellent insight. Thank you Jean..


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