Nov. 7 - December 1st:  Venus transits Scorpio

Nov. 7 - December 1st: Venus transits Scorpio

Venus leaves the diplomatic people pleasing themes of Libra and heads for deeper water.  In Scorpio relating seeks depth, passion and intensity.  This is a highly creative and stimulating sign for Venus.  Themes of self-control and personal empowerment are strong.

If Venus represents emotional intelligence this wisdom moves into the underworld as she explores the dark, taboo and shadow - her desire to visit these areas ultimately serves her desire for truth eventually birthing a stronger sense of balance and temperance.

The lower vibration represents jealousy, manipulation and control in sex and relating.  Power is sought through the domination of another. Personal passion and appeal may be used in a calculating and self-serving manner.

Desire and libido expands with the Venus transit through Scorpio.  She brings her emotional intelligence to the Jupiter transit of Scorpio making the spiritual and wisdom oriented energy of Jupiter more personal and intimate.

Venus conjuncts Jupiter on November 13th at 7 degrees Scorpio expanding your relationships, money, resources and desire in a positive manner.

The higher vibrations seek to maintain an equilibrium between the desire nature and the Spiritual essence.  Much misery is caused when you are overly attached to desires and outcomes.  In Scorpio, Venus seeks transformation within the mind, emotions and self-esteem. 

Resources, resource allocation, debts, loans, budgets, gifts, positive investments and support systems (or lack thereof) may be a focus into the weeks ahead.  Your desire for the mysterious and passionate in art, film and life strengthens.

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