November 17th:  Nessus stations Direct

November 17th: Nessus stations Direct


Nessus is a centaur planet that moves slowly as it takes him 122.5 years to complete his orbital period.

Nessus represents some form of abuse of trust which can be psychological, physical or sexual in nature.  Nessus is a helpful diagnostic tool in handling situations that carry themes of betrayal, deception, sexual abuse and sexual infidelity.  It refers to power dynamics that underlie any form of abuse.  Nessus can point to circumstances that surround rape, incest and the psychological and emotional relationship patterns that create these things.

When Jupiter entered the sign associated with power and sex, Scorpio, he then moved into an exact trine with Nessus on October 30th essentially giving outlet and courage to the energy patterns at play.

With Nessus you come to understand that the perpetrator is frequently the original victim.  Last week I was watching an interview with the brother of one of the alleged accused who stated clearly that their home was physically and sexually abusive.  Children learn inappropriate power and sexual behavior through the witnessing of dysfunctional relationship and/or being forced to participate in these wounding and psychologically devastating power dynamics.

As Nessus stations direct (although it has been heating up for the past several weeks) more awareness and continued news about sexual power will continue to dominate the public narrative. In the US chart Nessus is approaching it's own return at 9 degrees of Pisces in the 3rd house of communication and media.  This will perfect in April 2018 as Nessus holds it's conjunction to it's Natal position and stations retrograde.  This cycle will be in effect over the next 3 years.

Nessus also shows where and how you develop integrity and character through owning the power within oneself. 

"Nessus in it's own raw way may serve to free up and promote healing regarding issues of sexual abuse and sexuality in general that have been locked, frozen, held in denial or suppressed."  ~ Nick Anthony Fiorenza

Simultaneously Nessus conjuncts the natal Ceres point at 8 degrees Pisces in the US chart suggesting themes of grief and healing.  Nessus also represents racial profiling, abuse and projection.  Nessus conjunct Ceres in the US chart symbolizes horrific slavery and abuse with agriculture and the cotton trade.

You understand the War on Drugs was created to deliver a steady stream of "clients" in the industry we now call Prison for Profit.  With Crack Cocaine the police state attacked with a vengeance and now with the Opioid Epidemic they respond with compassion and healing.  Could it be a difference in demographic that draws a different response?  This too is Nessus territory ~

From this will also arise more news about the pervasive sexual abuse of children often passed down from generation to generation and the sexual slave trade.

This may all feel very distant to you the individual but as always when truth rears it's ugly head and you move through that process of disbelief, anger and finally acceptance you change the trajectory of this very wounding and pervasive energy.  Chances are you know someone as the ratios on the planet are high. 

Much love to you and those brave beings that are stepping forward to speak their truth.  Secrets keep you sick.  Truth telling is often a necessary passage for healing.

Most of you, simply by being on planet have abuse themes in your background. To learn more sign by sign about Nessus energy watch my video here.

Soul Note for New Moon November 19th

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So good to hear your truth Jean. Thank you. So many people just want to stay in the hunky-dory mentality and it’s really irritating because it’s not smart anymore. It’s bringing our country down. People are hurting and getting mentally and psychologically abused from all the idiots in this new world. I’ve found that if I talk about it though they (in denial) judge me for not being positive and the sweet little female. Oh please…give me a break. I guess it’s easier to stay stupid and silent because then one doesn’t have to think or grow. People do need to speak up to gain respect. Power to the women who are speaking up now against the creeps in power, in show biz and on the hill.

Betty Nelle Garner

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