November Part 2 ~ Lunar Eclipse

November Part 2 ~ Lunar Eclipse

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(Transcript) Welcome to your November Part 2 video.  The continued struggle for stability is still present into the 2nd half of November as the final Jupiter Pluto conjunction occurs at the exact degree of the Saturn Pluto conjunction last January – indicating renewal themes and perhaps, powerful tension in the area of leadership and societal structures. This was exact on the 12th but it’s influence is in orb through the 19th.  I go much more indepth when you sign up for ALL 12 Videoscopes each month, every month for just $11.40 annually on my Patreon site.

Mars is now direct in Aries energizing your self-direction, ego, passion, determination and strength.  Some may express this in combative ways while others are mobilizing their courage and confidence to create a new personal chapter.  I encourage you to watch all 12 videoscopes delivered on Patreon each month for ($11.40 annually).

The 16-17th is the final of the Mercury Uranus opposition as Mercury is now direct in Scorpio and passes it’s retrograde shadow on the 19th suggesting the reviewing of former themes will now birth fresh plans and decisions.

Venus squared Pluto at the New Moon in Scorpio on the 15th a time of passionate and determination but despite perhaps euphoric feelings, do not forget that risky behavior sometimes has consequences that could be regretted later.

And now heads into her square with Saturn from the 18-19th indicating limited effectiveness, fear and insecurity based influences.  Intelligence, wisdom and deliberate actions and responses are favored.

On the 21st Venus, the energy of love, money, your values and relating dynamics now transits into the transformative depths of Scorpio through December 15th.  Here you leave the diplomacy based themes of Libra and deeper sometimes unconscious drive are now activated.  Support (financial, psychological, emotional), however it arrives can enhance your sense of personal power, sex, and the desire to understand more fully your relationship and financial landscape is a focus. 

On the 28th Neptune stations direct at 18 degrees in it’s home sign of Pisces.  Neptune dissolves egos, expands boundaries, enhances your intuition, confuses, victim themes if appropriate, artistic leanings and compassion.  Neptune rules medicine, health, and health care.  Also addictions and escapism.  Neptune has been retrograde since June 23rd.

The Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Gemini is exact at 4:30 a.m. EASTERN Standard time  on November 30th and conjuncts Uranus within a degree in the United States chart in the 6th house of laboring classes, public health, medical services, employment/unemployment and wage conditions.  Expect the unexpected, movement, developments in these areas in the country.  This house also rules the Army, Navy, Police and Civil Services.

The world as you see it is a reflection of what you are, a reflection not in glass but in three-dimensional reality. You project your thoughts, feelings, and expectations outward, then you perceive them as the outside reality.

With Lunar Eclipses it’s necessary to let the dust settle, your vision clear and be available for information and decisions that will reveal themselves into the days ahead.

The Penumbral Lunar Eclipse will be visible over Europe, Asia, Australia, North and South America – developments and decisions that arrive at this time will have direct affect in these countries.  It last for 4 hours and 21 minutes suggesting a trajectory of influence into the next 4.5 months.

This is a subtle Eclipse as the Earth’s shadow falls on the Moon – it will simply look like a Darker Full Moon.  Things are not what they seem now and being careful with your words, communications, and decisions will save you some back stepping later.  The Eclipse is in a flowing trine to Chiron symbolizing healing energy, the need for intelligent and wise mental acuity and Chiron again, has a bearing on health practices and the healing arts. 

I also feel this will hold a strong impact on economies, financial plans, strategies and resource allocation.

If you’re not sure what you think, how to proceed or assess discussions and decisions – trust that!  There is a wisdom to trusting that when you’re not sure, wait until you are sure.  That’s wisdom too!  You see and feel what you expect to see and feel. The world as you know it is a picture of your expectations.

 “The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives” ~

 Much love to everyone.




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