Oct. 10 - November 8th 2018:  Jupiter transits Scorpio

Oct. 10 - November 8th 2018: Jupiter transits Scorpio

Scorpio is a fixed water sign.  Scorpio is a sign that exerts great focus, purpose and strength that is unequaled by any other.  The trick for the human working with Scorpio energy is how one focuses and uses power.  As a water sign there is an ability to flow around obstacles and blockages.  It is a power that is strong, focused and undeterred when reaching for a goal, outcome and result.

Wherever Scorpio is operating is where you have a deep reserve of strength and fortitude.  Esoterically Scorpio represents the process of doing battle with your ego and personality.  Scorpio brings initiations to those undergoing a period of spiritual transformation and growth.  Scorpio is the "way out" of the personality driven life where a higher octave of expression and life energies emerge to take root and grow in form.  Scorpio dives deep to understand motivation, purpose, meaning and the subconscious urges.

Scorpio rules:  surgery, surgeons, death, regeneration, taxes, shared assets, merging, banks, lending, property, insurance, inheritance, sex, pregnancy, reproduction, credit cards, debts, investments, stock market, intimacy, personal transformation, change agent, psychology, personal transitions and evolution, and resource allocation.

Jupiter rules:  courts, churches, colleges, embassies, publishing, religious organizations, passports, lawyers, philosophers, experts in their field, foreigners, wisdom, legal actions, weight gain, narcissism, spiritual growth, knowledge, long trips, self-righteousness, study, higher education, higher consciousness, adventure, and expanding beyond comfort zones.

Jupiter will be expanding and perhaps even exaggerating the Scorpion themes.  Secrecy is a natural domain of Scorpio.  Great inner strength, determination and resourcefulness highlights the thirteen months ahead.  Some will become more dogmatic, battle ready, and power hungry. Jupiter in Scorpio can be very rigid, fanatical and hyper focused on belief systems.

Others on a more enlightened path will feel a definite expansion of consciousness and self-transcendence and the ability to understand the validity of varied approaches and individualism.

This can be a year for wisdom and growth in transformation themes.  Jupiter transiting Scorpio can bring a period of increased psychological healing and renewed faith.  Good luck may be found in investing, with taxes, reproduction and in sexual expression and intimacy.  You may find you have more support available in whatever form is needed. 

This is a courageous transit where idealism is strong.  Religious dogma will deepen on the world stage as will the desire to assist other people in their struggles to create transformation. 

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