Oct. 25 - November 10th:  Saturn square Chiron

Oct. 25 - November 10th: Saturn square Chiron

Saturn represents authority, hierarchical institutions, the past, family and societal conditioning - those imprints that are often judgmental in nature.  Chiron represents wounds that seek healing, vulnerabilities, the alchemical process of converting the vulnerable into knowledgeable strength and compassion.

The final Saturn Chiron square is highlighting these themes with an invitation (square) to move beyond childhood wounds through awareness and self-love.  There are power centers that know when you traumatize humans their fear creates docility. A docile and fearful human is much easier to control and manage than an empowered human.  

Taking ownership over your healing and awakening ignites an internal process of self-empowerment and integration.  Chiron when awakened vibrates with themes of evolution, higher consciousness and wisdom.  Chiron unawakened vibrates with themes of fear, frequently illness, and a feeling of powerlessness.

You enter a strong time for healing themes, for inner child work, for contemplation and prayer, and releasing those ties from: the past, abusive authority figures, addiction to crisis, and negative family imprints.

An increased sense of synchronicity and inner freedom arrives as Saturn moves into trine with Uranus November 3rd - 18th.  Identify, release, and self-comfort.  Much love to you ~

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