October 14 - November 7th:  Venus transits Libra

October 14 - November 7th: Venus transits Libra

If you seek more grace and civility in your world the Venus transit through Libra will help you connect energetically.  Venus leaves the productive, discerning, critiquing and health oriented sign of Virgo and ingresses into one of her home signs ruling human relationships.

In Libra you are encouraged to find more balance in your life.  Beauty in all it's forms is a soothing tonic for your soul and mind. "Venus is to the Earth what the Higher Self is to man."  ~Alice Bailey

Venus functions to turn knowledge into wisdom and harmoniously links the lower and the higher mental faculties through the rhythm of relatedness.  The focus in the human body is the Third Eye, the brow chakra, which represents the seat of wisdom and the lens through which the more highly developed human perceives the world.

A powerful time to connect with the higher concepts of love in all it's forms.  This cycle should enhance your relating skills as your intention is one of congenial support and common ground.  Libra is a Cardinal Air Sign highlighting the proactive intellectual function of relating with the world around you.

Manners, civility and grace are valued as important avenues of connection with others.  Seeing both sides of a situation are enhanced.  Concepts of fairness and equality run through the weeks ahead.  Intelligent approaches to conflict and tension is sought.

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