October 25th:  New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse Scorpio/Libra

October 25th: New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse Scorpio/Libra

This solar eclipse is conjunct Venus to the exact degree, suggesting a rebirth of the heart that will set us on a completely new path, this is an opportunity to allow love into your life in a whole new way.  Scorpio is about intimacy and Libra the balancing of the interpersonal relationship.

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Hello everybody welcome to my channel to this video discussing the new moon partial solar eclipse and some influences the second half of October. I'm a soul coach and intuitive channel and I work through the lens of astrology as well. I will also want to let you know I've reduced all of my pricings on all of my services and some of them are significant through the first of the year. So I wanted to make you aware of that. Okay. What we're building to is this new moon partial solar eclipse that perfects on October 25. And it reaches maximum Eclipse potential just shy of seven a.m.. eastern standard time it will be visible from Ukraine, Russia, Iraq, Afghanistan, India, Europe, Asia, and North East Africa. So these areas are certainly going to be in focus with global events.


Now Scorpio, Scorpio and this is exactly two degrees of Scorpio conjunct Venus it carries a very strong relationship signature about it, and the transformation of relationship, macro relationship micro relationship. And it occurs at seven degrees of Libra in the sidereal chart or in the constellation chart conjunct Venus as well. And you know, certainly Libra is about diplomacy and reaching agreements and discussion. But Scorpio is a fixed feminine water sign. And that rules the eighth house of the natural Zodiac wheel what is fixed? Well, words like I know I'm right, I'm never changing my mind. Do as I say not as I do. It can be stubborn and unwavering and, you know, draws emotions and opinions from the undercurrents running around them and sex, other people's money, birth death. When you have planets in your eighth house in your natal chart, these are energies that will continue to transform through your life and Mars which is now slowing down for his retrograde as a co ruler of Scorpio as is Pluto now direct.


That Scorpion energy at the lower vibrational expression would be people like gamblers, prostitution, drug dealers, the lower vibration is the beginning of the Scorpio cycle. The mob is very Scorpionic energy, big business greed at any cost or any price. And then the next level up from Scorpio is the lizard and the lizard sits up on his rock in the desert. And he's just observing everything. He's being a witness without taking action. He's taking things in and acutely aware of the energy around it this lizard energy and it makes choices based on observations. Spiritual energy lives at the second level of development for the scorpion energy and wherever Scorpio is in your chart is a focus, as is Leo and Cancer, the sun and the moon, right? With any new moon full moon, you also want to look to those two houses, to glean understanding of what this passage is about. But the lizards, they keep the information and they're quiet about it. These are the people and the energies that are in management positions and they know how to take money and grow, grow it and looking to transform finance. The next energy up from the lizard is the phoenix rising from the ashes. They come back from car accidents, crisis and transform even stronger than before. And we are very much in this cycle right now.


Pluto is banging around in the last degrees of Capricorn where the chickens come home to roost, so

to speak. There are several processes with a Scorpio energy in a lifetime. And Pluto of course, is the transformative planet and he's not always polite. He says this must change and wherever it is placed and transiting it tends to bring change crisis and forced transformation. And think of fire, you know, burning down your house and your things. It's the opposite of the practical builder because then you move into Taurus. Taurus is the response pattern of the Scorpio energy, and Taurus is the practical builder and the architect and restructuring of things. So, when Scorpio reaches these higher octaves, it has fluidity with everything around and all is one energy, it rules, reproductive organs, feces, urine, because it's part of the elimination process.


Now, in the constellation, we're looking at a New Moon partial solar eclipse in Libra and that's an energy that is coming into this life, to experience imbalance. They see both sides of an argument or a position when they age they refrain from discord strong Libran people, and they can teach others how to align with their own inner harmony and the skills around that. And if they don't grow towards balance in this life, they can behave in very imbalanced ways and have anger issues. Hidden angers, so it's about learning to monitor yourself to come back into balance. Remember, Chiron is an Aries in the sidereal chart, or rather, the North Node is in Aries in a scenario forgive me, while Chiron is in the tropical. So this is certainly the North Node is what we're striving to move towards it's the path. And that is one of individuation and personal sovereignty and taking responsibility for your life. And of course, Chiron in the tropical is about dealing with old wounds and old sensitivities. We had quite a full moon in October around the ninth, and a lot of wounded behavior was coming up and out to the fore. So we're seeing this in the collective but more importantly, I always work from the individual, the person and their path and their trajectory.


So when Libra is living out its opposite sign of Aries, you can just consider that Libra is not done with its evolution and what is Aries and what is Mars. That is war and violence and anger and aggression. Below the level of anger is the wound and why is the person behaving the way they're behaving? And that's where the unevolved Libra is also people pleasing over giving to in the expense of their own sense of identity and, and health. Even in some cases, it's about learning to set boundaries for ourselves.


And now Mars is slowing down for his retrograde on the 30th of October until January 12. It will retrograde at 25 degrees of Gemini and will station direct in January eight degrees of Gemini. In the sidereal chart, Mars is retrograding at zero degrees of Gemini and heads back into Taurus and will station direct January 13 at 13 degrees of Taurus. Mars Gemini is the surface thinker. It's like skipping that stone across the pond. It knows a little bit about everything, but perhaps not at an in depth level. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, Mars transited into Gemini in August. So a little bit of everything, changeable, questions things. But the twins and Gemini symbolizes the duality in our lives and on this planet, and can change their mind quickly and it can be a little bit secretive about what they know. They'll go in just so far into a subject and then shift midstream. Gemini is the beginning of the interest that drives you into diving further into information and learning and that's what social media is, in many cases, a lot of short surface repeatable things, and how that kind of kind of programs the mind against indepth thought and indepth understanding, I believe Mars Retrograde in Gemini is going to be helpful for all of us to bring in more focus and depth of perception.


So this eclipse is, the south node is in Scorpio and the south node in the sidereal is in Libra. It's about past patterns, what has been over developed, right, and ways of thinking that are in need of dissolving ways of approaching life that are in need of dissolving to feed that North Node in Taurus of practicality and groundedness, structure and long term financial balance and security. It's the long term Taurus he is not Gemini is not a superficial thinker, Taurus is grounded, practical, and working with those sensory skills of yours in order to make decisions in the now in the present moment. Venus is about love, and value and money and self esteem and creativity and art and beauty. Libra is extremely aesthetic and refined. And we know that music and beauty literally feeds our soul, right. So this is going to be a pattern that's going to be moving us along into the weeks and months ahead. For both our own personal development, as well as occurrences on the global stage.


Scorpio is about secrets, big money, big profits, and big control centers. And I remind you that the US is also not just going through its Pluto return, but going through its Nessus return, which is kicking up all of this smelly underbelly of things that have just been residing below the surface for some time, that is now becoming more visible, which in my view, is helping us all integrate and shift our consciousness because the more the subconscious, or the hidden patterns are shown, the more we can work with that in a much more loving, forgiving and integrative way.


Now I have an example for you. Just recently, the other night, I was waiting for an Amazon package because I needed what was coming, I needed to use it the next day. So I headed out to my front door and I peeked out of the window and I saw someone moving and I kind of yelped. And he looked at me and I opened the door and I'm like you just surprised me because I just walked up as I saw you moving. And his face was heavy. And he said to me, that's why I don't like making deliveries at night. And this wave came over me. And I said it was just because you surprised me. And that is not what this is, is what I said to him as he was walking away. And he turned around and he said, yeah, sure. He was a young black man. And I'm empathic, extremely empathic, many of you are, but the feeling below the words and the response was very different than my authentic response, I would have responded that way whether it be female or white, it was like when you turn a corner and someone's right there, when you turn the corner and you go ahh! My heart flooded with sadness, it just flooded with sadness, because there was projection through I imagine projections he's experienced in his own life. And so I processed some of that, that sadness. And what I did was I just held that in light, I held my feelings in light and I sent that light to him. I just sent that white light to him, so that he could take that in at some level, perhaps not at the conscious mind level.


But I share this because we're seeing so much of the wounded behavior and often, a lot of our leaders are extremely traumatized themselves. And they climb up to that position to fill something that was not filled often going back into childhood developmental pieces so, so it's a powerful time. Now what is Mars in Taurus what is Taurus? This is the sign with the need to facilitate the way they think the foundation of their actions build and plan, build and plan. This is Mars retrograding through Taurus Mars entered Taurus in August in the sidereal or Vedic chart. They are master builders and they lay plans down and teach others how to build right? North node Taurus in the tropical chart along there with the awakening agent, Uranus. So some of the lessons here are about learning to take your resources and transform it into a building block that serves self and serves others. And because this eclipse vortex starts on the south node, Scorpio or Libra, we'll start with an ending followed by a new beginning on the north node, which is occurring at the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on November 8. So solar eclipse is when the New Moon orbits between the Sun and the Earth, which can make it seem invisible from our viewpoint.


And as a water sign, Scorpio is a great reminder of our own emotional sensitivities, our own psychological history, and emphasizes  all of those pent up feelings each time the moon enters the domain of Scorpio. And it's a suggesting with with a conjunction to Venus, a rebirth of the heart that can set us on a completely new path. It's an opportunity to allow love in your life in a whole new way. And Scorpio is about intimacy rules that eighth house, the nuts and bolts of intimacy beyond the pleasantries of Libra energy. And Libra the balancing of this interpersonal energy. Also beauty again, valuing self and growing your personal resources.


My webinar that I gave last weekend called changing the narrative really discussed quite in depth, the self esteem programming that humans are meant to awaken to and bring in healing and the need for that inner integration. So, Saturn is also stationing direct on the 23rd of October and this occurs at 18 degrees of Aquarius and 23 degrees of Capricorn in the sidereal chart. So at this station of structures, Saturn structures, the past what is known, and how that informs Mars. And Mars is our ego structure that's been accumulated by those in positions of power over you. We all have that inculcation indoctrination. Society comes in when we're pretty young, and informs our ego structure. And you know, the first authority is our parents for some of you religion, certainly education, government and supervisors in your vocation. So, this is really a period of rebuilding structures in life both within and how you generate the external structures.


Both the Sun conjunct venus moves into Libra in the sidereal chart on the 23rd when Saturn stations Direct and Mercury follow suit and moves into Libra on October 29. So mercury and Libra Sun Venus conjunction than Mercury then Venus conjunction as we move into November, so that Venusian energy is running really close and tight to our personal experiences and reference points. And it's with an exact conjunction of this new moon, solar eclipse on the 25th. It's already building you already may have a sense of what this is about. But it's all about what we bring to the table of intimacy authentic relating and the balancing of the other and self. So this can be a powerful time of development in my view. And yeah, yeah. So this Mars Retrograde is going to slow down some of the ego engagement, some of it at a superficial level. As I'm filming this, we're in the first of the Mars Neptune square from Gemini to Pisces, or from Taurus, to Aquarius. And, you know, Mars has to do with announcements in Taurus, it's about money and resources. Neptune in Pisces is about the creative and the sensitive also, medicine policies.


People who are tucked away in in a state of rehabilitation or recovery, and Neptune in Aquarius can be about the great confusion going on in the population. But also this evolving spirituality in the reclamation of these aspects within ourself, that is being turned on these DNA, the crystalline codes, the light energy from deep space, from our own Milky Way the galactic core from our Solar Codes, there is just a whole harmony of things happening, that is elevating the vibration and the frequency on planet, as well as within your own biosphere and biology. So much love, love, love, love, and the forgiveness of self for mistakes made for actions taken in the past. Forgiveness is again, as I stated before high on the consciousness scale at 450. And then enlightenment is just beyond that at 500 Forgiveness of self and even forgiving others who have harmed you through their own unconsciousness and woundedness. This is a poignant time and a poignant passage we're moving through but my guides continually bring in the theme of self love absolutely being a part of this passage. Much love everyone be well. Namaste

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