October 7-9th:  Sun conjunct Mercury square Pluto

October 7-9th: Sun conjunct Mercury square Pluto

Sun conjunct Mercury (13 degrees Libra) imbues your awareness with the functions of mind: analyzing, comparing, sorting, communicating, traveling and filtering.  The brain is the filter for infinite energy, consciousness and the concept of oneness.  The brain wrangles with ego, fear, organizing ideas and opinions.

Through this filter much deeper knowledge and soul awareness can be lost - enter Pluto.  Pluto is the primordial, instinctual and alchemical energy that the brain often struggles to grasp.  Much runs below the functioning of the "brain" as different facets of self are chugging forward often, in an unconscious manner.

A great deal of communication, opinion sharing and themes of equality will be shared over the weekend and into next week.  As the Sun and Mercury move into square with Pluto (exact on Monday at 16 degrees Libra) themes deepen.  Your relationship to fear and power themes are surfacing now plunging you into a time for adjustment.  How you speak and communicate is highlighted.  Pluto always seeks deeper awareness of instinctual urges, soul awareness and any area where emotions have become stuck.

This is not an easy period through the 16th of October but can be a an incredible time for personal awareness around relating themes (see Venus Mars post) and how your mind/consciousness functions.

Themes of power abuse in relationships will magnify through the week.  Stay in touch with yourself to identify any triggers that may arise, their origin and the support you are given to create shifts in your reality and understanding.

A sensitive passage please treat yourself and others accordingly ~ Love is Truth

Changing plans may require you to make adjustments. 

In the external power games will increase as will abusive language and actions.  You don't need to plug into that "central nervous system called the Internet" - Eric Francis.

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