Particle Matrix

Particle Matrix


I work with some highly technical guides. In 2022 they were discussing the particle matrix or the form of things.

"We want to reassure you that the disassembling of some of these long known structures is rearranging and breaking down literally the particle matrix of the form of these structures You too are in a state of reorganization, but it's not an immediate expression that would give rise to thinking, 'Oh, yes, this makes sense now, or can I begin to rely on this.'

So we would say to those moving through this disassembling process is that this magnifies the deepening, inner knowing, and inner states of building trust, and love in an expressive funnel that can do nothing but go outward, because so many humans on planet have been in a deficit of love, self love, self worth, and self confidence.

So you can actually see this breaking apart as feeding into your own systems of strengthening your heart and particulate matter, to then learn to trust how to be builder and creator in your own life." The Guides

In essence, the breaking apart of systems is enhancing your inner growth and as we are learning to be builder of realities. Don't like what you are seeing? Imagine thousands of positive "solutions" to these very problems.


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