NEW on Patreon ~ "Solar Return Charts" $20 per month Patron level

NEW on Patreon ~ "Solar Return Charts" $20 per month Patron level


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2019 Videoscopes ~ (only $20 for all 12 signs a special price for my patrons)

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Types of Guides

 Why am I on planet Earth? 

 Jupiter transits Sagittarius sign by sign

  The Anatomy of Bullying and what to do if your child is being bullied.

  North Node transits Cancer November 2018 - 2020 what this soul growth transit signifies for you

Venus Retrograde Scorpio (sign by sign)

Dealing with an Abrasive Parent & Studying Consciousness

What is Karma?

Dealing with Chaos

Chiron Retrograde in Aries/Pisces

State of the World and Energy Mastery

The Power of Surrender

What is the Difference between Ascendant Sign and Sun Sign?

Choosing Your Thoughts

Chiron Transits Aries

Full Moon Newsletter sign by sign

$20 Tier Content

NEW ~ How to interpret your Solar Return Chart ~ Edward Snowden

Saturn Pluto conjunction Global and Personal

                     ALL 2019 Year Ahead Videos per Sign


                Understanding Astrological Aspects in the Chart

Chakras - our electrical system Interview

Astrology Life Cycles Decade by Decade

               United States Nessus Return and Patterns of Abuse

Interpreting Astrology Charts

ALL of the above $5 Tier Content

Discounts on Phone Sessions & Monthly Soul Notes


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Your advice is really spot on. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and giving us such rich teachings.

I so value each and every one of the videos you post...I guess I'm hungry for insight and guidance! I find something of value for myself and/or for my kids, every time. So, Thank You.

Thank you Jean! Really enjoying your Patreon site. Love learning more about astrology and mostly how it has helped me to understand myself on a deeper level.

Jean you are the best! Learning so much from you and closing the gaps on manifestation and flowing with the energies, many THANKS!


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