Saturn sextile North Node

Saturn sextile North Node

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Saturn sextile North Node 4 degrees Pisces to Taurus exact on April 14th but in orb now through the April 25th.

Saturn transiting Pisces sextile transiting North Node in Taurus  is an astrological aspect that brings a significant impact on your life. Saturn represents discipline, hard work, and structure, while Pisces represents spiritual growth, imagination, and creativity. On the other hand, the North Node in Taurus symbolizes material security, financial stability, and values.

When Saturn transits through Pisces, it brings a period of introspection and reflection, encouraging you to let go of old patterns, beliefs, and behaviors that no longer serve you. This transit may bring some challenges, but it also offers opportunities for growth and transformation. You may experience a sense of detachment from the material world and feel more drawn towards spirituality and inner exploration.

The sextile aspect between Saturn and the North Node in Taurus suggests that you may find ways to create a balance between your spiritual and material needs during this transit. You may be able to establish a strong foundation for your financial security while also pursuing your spiritual growth. This aspect encourages you to work hard towards your goals, be disciplined, and stay focused.

Overall, this transit is a time of growth, and you may experience a significant shift in your perspective and values. It is essential to remain grounded and stay true to yourself while navigating the challenges that may arise. This transit offers an opportunity to establish a strong foundation for your future, both materially and spiritually.

Destiny beckons for now is the time for you to reap the rewards of past actions and receive benefits which enable you to achieve your life purpose. Doors will close in some areas of your life freeing you to move forward in life. Acceptance is easy at the moment for you can see other doors open paving the way for you to pursue your personal destiny. A chance encounter with a significant person, an offer to join a group of people who will help you on your path or an event will change the shape of your future. These are just some of the possibilities open to you.





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