Sept. 23 - October 2nd:  Jupiter opposition Uranus

Sept. 23 - October 2nd: Jupiter opposition Uranus

The final Jupiter opposition Uranus aspect highlights differences in shared understanding through inconsistent approaches and conflicting belief systems.  Jupiter expands the erratic energy of Uranus sparking a period of unpredictable behavior and challenge in understanding these behavior patterns.

Oppositions bring awareness of energies coming from outside of oneself often through a person, group or dynamic that you may be struggling to comprehend and find an effective means of communication.

Religious beliefs, dogma, and self-righteousness may impinge on a desire for freedom and independence.  Expect the unexpected knowing this is a time for grounding and seeking internal balance and harmony.

This energy may bring a sudden break from a long standing circumstance that can bring a sigh of relief, or the will to create quick and lasting change.

Jupiter highlights the esoteric (spiritual) energy of Aquarius while Uranus highlights the exoteric (personality) energy of Aquarius.  You may be seeking integration between your spiritual awareness and your personal behavior.  Aquarian themes of equality, humanitarianism and emancipation magnify into the days ahead.

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