Sept. 29 - October 17th:  Mercury transits Libra

Sept. 29 - October 17th: Mercury transits Libra

The critical focus shifts from the detail oriented energies of Virgo and transits into the social, networking and relationship oriented sign of Libra. Through mid-October your are interested in connection both personally and professionally.

In Libra Mercury seeks a more diplomatic, cooperative, helpful and idealistic approach.  Mercury now transits with the Sun magnifying the conscious minds preference in joining with others for work and pleasure. 

You tend to seek understanding from everyone's viewpoint and listen to all sides which can lead to indecision as you desire fairness and objectivity.  Libra is a Cardinal sign so you are more apt to initiate discussions and social activity.

Mercury in Libra may lean towards the go along to get along mind frame not speaking up and communicating when needed.  Beauty, esthetics, and spatial relationships are enhanced now as you desire a stronger connection to refined environments and principled ideals. 

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