Sept. 30 - October 7th:  Venus conjunct Mars trine Pluto

Sept. 30 - October 7th: Venus conjunct Mars trine Pluto

Venus the feminine and Mars the masculine shake hands from October 3rd - October 7th at 17 degrees Virgo.  This transit fuses the desire nature and you may find your work, health, productivity, and daily rhythm experience a tremendous lift.  Physical pleasure is enhanced as is the confidence and energy to act upon your desires.

Relationships, relating and interacting with others is enhanced now as both will be trining the newly direct Pluto in Capricorn.  Sept. 30 - October 3rd Mars trines Pluto deepening your resolve, courage, focus, determination and sensual nature.  Effort and willpower flows through the week as you demonstrate sagacious insight in decision making and backing it up with action.

October 2 - 4th Venus takes her turn and moves into trine with Pluto deepening her feeling nature and enhancing her sense of power and self worth.  Finances can take a positive turn as can commercial agreements and copacetic career developments.  A depth of feeling, perceptiveness and a strengthening of bonds with others is both meaningful and satisfying. 

As both the receptive and assertive sides of self are enhanced energetic understanding and integration can occur (both within self and with others) as Venus conjuncts Mars at 17 degrees Virgo from October 3 - 7th. 

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