September 15th Weekend ~ Plunging into the Duality

September 15th Weekend ~ Plunging into the Duality

September tends to be a sensitive month and this year is no exception.  The Virgo energy encourages healing and balance between the mind and body.  It can be challenging when we are collectively being exposed to trauma after trauma.

The theme of Duality is writ large in the energetics amplifying the dark, manipulative, confusing, ugly and nefarious while concurrently encouraging a time of healing, opening to love for self and others, gentleness, play, helpfulness, respect, and retreating from the age old human addiction to judgment.

This weekend is particularly resplendent with polarity themes, here is a taste:

Mercury opposition Nessus (5 degrees Virgo to Pisces) - Nessus represents the reprehensible energies of betrayal, bigotry, and patterns of abuse.  Oppositions typically bring this awareness from outside of oneself.  Nessus also encourages a "buck stops here" intention thru discernment, boundaries and being open to truth.

Chaos opposition Ixion square Sun (23 degrees Gemini to Sagittarius to Virgo) - we call this a T-square full of tension and the solution directs you to Pisces - healing, dimensional connections, compassion and spiritual awareness.

Ixion is a centaur planet that speaks to the axiom that anyone is capable of anything.  In a time when illusions and long held beliefs are being punctured through the increased connections, news and reports that are now available through the Internet you are plunged into the world of duality more now than every.  Remember that truth, no matter how painful is always part of the healing process.

Chiron trines Ceres this weekend (26 degrees Pisces to Cancer) - stability is found through compassion, being in mother nature, connecting with light and the nurturing of self and others.  You may come to resolutions surrounding the healing that our home, Gaia requires.

Venus sextiles Jupiter (24 degrees Leo to Libra) - love, play, dance, children, child self, drama, friends, and relating is yet another opportunity to balance, lighten and engage.

On Sunday Mercury conjuncts Mars (7 degrees Virgo) - a soldier in the mouth kind of day.  Strong words will be ubiquitous.  Mental anger and frustration is possible as is a day of increased mobility and movement.

Venus also trines the Galactic Center (27 degrees Leo to Sagittarius).  We are in a cycle since 2012 of energetically facing/connecting/regaining our spiritual history and inheritance.  Many have organically been drawn into these energies and deepening their esoteric and spiritual awareness.  Venus reminds you of the inherent intelligence and love that is available to you as a being populating this Earth plane.

Monday Mercury conjuncts Orcus (9 degrees Virgo) the centaur planet representing "renewing vows of the soul for this life."  Being able to see below the surface of things, read emotional energies in a situation without being subsumed and making conscious choices.

On Tuesday, the 19th Mercury moves out of it's retrograde shadow furthering clarity.  Mars conjuncts Orcus bringing the sensate and instinctive online to get to truth and perhaps, hidden hostilities.

The Sun squares the Galactic Center pushing and creating tension within the conscious sense of self to open to more, and a little more truth in love and wisdom.

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