September 9 - 29th:  Mercury transits Virgo

September 9 - 29th: Mercury transits Virgo

Mercury re-enters Virgo where it retrograded at 11 degrees of Virgo on August 12th.  Mercury conjuncts this degree point on September 20th as he retraces his steps through the first three weeks.  We call this the "retrograde shadow" which ends once you pass the 20th.  Mercury rules  communications, cognitive functioning, handling the calendar, processing facts, data and information.  Much concentrated energy is focused now in Virgo with the Sun, Mars and now Mercury transiting the mutable and feminine sign. 

In Virgo Mercury functions well as you are more easily able to discern the steps needed to attain a particular outcome.  Dreams and Vision are amazing but you need the wheel grease (Mercury) to bring those dreams into fruition.  As Dreams and Ideas have been held in gestation since August you may find them growing in strength and clarity throughout the month.

Virgo clarifies grounded ways to move ideas forward and gives birth to helpfulness, healing approaches, humble balance, work process, products, services, and holistic approaches to health.  Virgo also represents the domain of animals, those beings that require your conscious consideration in order to survive and thrive.

Virgo is also a sign of worry, judgement, discernment and criticism.  Like any energy there is a strata of possibilities in regard to expression.  Heavy Virgo influences (such as now) can be extra critical with self and others.  Virgo grounds through Pisces asking that you integrate the critical faculties with compassion and creativity.

A positive time for logic, practicality and working within systems.  Your mind can more easily retain knowledge through concentration and effort.  Mercury in Mutable Virgo is more adaptable and flexible. 

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