September 9 - November 13th:  Mars retrograde square Saturn & Pluto

September 9 - November 13th: Mars retrograde square Saturn & Pluto

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If Mars is your will and confidence and Aries the natural home of the individuation process you are rightly justified believing this is an important passage.

Not by chance, Mars is squaring Saturn and Pluto over the next several weeks, moving slowly and with intention.  Saturn is the archetype of societal and family programming.  We learn young what is acceptable and what is not.  What will bring positive reinforcement or rejection?  Pluto is ever the transformer and alchemist, he goes deep to peer about and surface buried imprints into your conscious awareness.

Some in my field herald this as a time of increased violence and that may be true.  However, let's revisit the theme of energy, vibration, and consciousness.  Here, on planet Earth we mingle with a strata of energetic possibilities and the expression depends entirely upon your awareness, self-love and perceptions.

I seek not to prescribe but to offer possibilities.  For the humans moving through this life unaware of dimensional energy and operating predominately through emotions and mind this may indeed be a period of enhanced frustration and anger.

But for those of you understanding that you are a co-creator of your experience this can be an extremely fruitful time.  If indeed Gaia has raised her frequency to 4D and 5D expression this in turn indicates an opportunity to clear the 3D programming.  Third dimensional energy operates within the limited up/down, right/wrong, yes/no, black/white and good/bad frequency.  You learned all about this within your family dynamics, level of consciousness of your parents or primary caregivers, and of course societal institutions such as school, church and community.

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Mars, your will, confidence, desires and levels of self-confidence encourages re-evaluating the imprinting, Saturn, that you received under this third dimensional influence. 

Pluto, your unconscious, subconscious or "higher" self is knocking on your door as well.  What is buried that is seeking the light of your awareness?  In my 15 years of coaching I have found that people have all kinds of rules for themselves and fears operating below the surface that is driving the life experience.

And, let's not forget that Eris the archetype of the disenfranchised, rejected and even ostracized, is the recipient of this Mars transit through conjunction.   When operating with growing awareness Mars conjunct Eris is the process of embracing your individuality while releasing low vibrational societal imprints and teachings.  Now, does this mean burning down your neighbors house if annoyed?  No, it means personal freedom, the kind that creates a sense of adventure, new possibility, awe and curiosity.

You give yourself permission to really support and love yourself.  You acknowledge the "data" that went in with an eye towards reformatting the hard drive with the intention of living a more authentic life.

Does this indicate I need to let go of my anger?  Nope.  Anger can be a very mobilizing force for a time but not a sustainable one in the long term.  A lot is going down right now that is in our collective face and anyone that is aligned with heart energy - the operating procedure for integration and higher frequency, is definitely feeling some grief and sorrow.

But, as you are doing your own clearing and dedicating yourself to the opening wisdom of the heart it clears the residue and informs your perceptions "differently." 

Dates of Note:

September 9th:  Mars retrograde 28 degrees Aries

September 27-Oct.1st - retrograde Mars square Saturn

October 7 - 11th - retrograde Mars conjunct Eris square Pluto

November 13th:  Mars stations direct at 15 degrees Aries

December 21 - 26th:  Mars direct conjunct Eris square Pluto

January 6 - 10th:  Mars direct square Saturn


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Dear Jeane, I feel, actually know I am on a higher level of consciousness than those I know personally. I can descend to their level and enjoy their company, but am soon exhausted, because they vibrate on a lower frequency. I am highly sensitive, aware of so much and that makes me feel very lonely and sad. I am not discontent and very grateful for so much, but, except for Nature, I feel detached from the material world, yet do marvel at the amazing manifestations. I find great solace in music, meditation and anything creative. Perhaps I should book a session with you, because I feel pretty lost here on earth. Much love Susan xxx
Susan van den Bergh

This was great information as I am a Scorpio and have been feeling like someone has been poking at me too listen more carefully.

Jean Manley

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