Shifts in Consciousness

Shifts in Consciousness

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You experience specific themes in your life that come up repeatedly in the spiraling movement of time. It is a teaching pattern used to actuate and stimulate consciousness.

In other words, when you meet these repeating themes in your life from an elevated perspective of awareness you transform the very energy of these personal patterns.

This repeating pattern occurs in the collective energy as well. You are seeing a lot of repeating patterns playing out on the planet coming back around on the spiral to be collectively experienced once again.

The Guides often say “Thank you for your healing and light.” They understand that each person’s consciousness shifts and affects the patterns in their own life as well as the collective fabric patterns.

When masses of people are raising their own vibration and awareness of planetary patterns this in turn affects these repeating patterns.

War themes? Expand in the energy of peace.

Judgement? Expand in the energy of neutrality and non-judgement.
Control? Expand in the energy of freedom

Fear? Expand in the energy of love and truth

I AM ~


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