Solar Storms this weekend of May 10th ~

Solar Storms this weekend of May 10th ~

STRONG GEOMAGNETIC STORM WATCH this weekend: Giant sunspot AR3664 has now hurled at least four CMEs directly toward Earth. Their combined arrival this weekend could spark severe (G4-class) geomagnetic storms with mid- to low-latitude auroras. Although this is a potentially significant space weather event, it is not going to be the next Carrington Event. If the coming storm were a hurricane, it would be ranked category 4, not category 5.

This weekend will be the strongest solar storms we've seen in 20 years.  Ben Davidson is known as an expert in Solar weather.  He is the founder of SpaceWeatherNews, and Suspicious0bservers channel on YT.

Six Class X Solar Flares may affect Earth now through the weekend of May 10th.  These storms can disrupt power grids, satellite communications, system networks, and navigation systems (the postal service network was down for a portion of the country).  Ground-based electronics and power systems can also be affected by increased radiation levels during solar storms.

We can expect more powerful solar winds and increased injections of plasma and radiation onto Earth. These heightened solar frequencies and downloads play a significant role in the awakening process, impacting our consciousness, biology, and DNA. The key lies in adapting to these changes by adjusting to the shifting frequencies and effectively integrating this energy.

For some this can increase scattered thinking, anxiety as there is more energy pulsing, heart arrhythmia for a few, increased feelings of fatigue and yet for others sleeplessness.  SLOWING down is very helpful, intentions of " deliberate awareness," grounding, and breathe work.

At times, it may feel quite intense, so approaching these shifts with gentleness, mindfulness, and a very real need for grounding will facilitate a smoother transition.~

Artist’s concept of activity on the sun traveling across space to interact with Earth’s magnetic field which is decreased by 20%. Not to scale.

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