Thursday, August 11th:  Full Moon Aquarius

Thursday, August 11th: Full Moon Aquarius

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Thursday, Aug. 11th: Full Moon in Aquarius 19 degrees conjunct Saturn and square the separating stellium of Mars/Uranus/North Node in Taurus.

Micro (You) old ways of defining self and "your story" versus new ways and self identity seeking to be born.


Macro (collective) old systems seeking to maintain control versus new paradigms and societal themes seeking to be born.


Understand what this is and the inherent tension and chaotic energy you are witnessing of this process of death and rebirth.



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I’m looking forward to witnessing this, as I feel this needs to happen for the collective to survive! I’m interested to see how humans will react, as we are being called into this new way of life. I say it’s time for this change!

Melissa Chevrier

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