Torsion Fields ~ the energy of waves and time

Torsion Fields ~ the energy of waves and time

This month's Consciousness Video is on Torsion Fields and how it applies to consciousness, orgon energy, our sense of time and interfacing with the Primordial Field ~ ($5 Tier) also includes DECEMBER'S Sign by Sign Videoscopes and soon to be posted 2021 overview for next year ~

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Forward movement and fated growth developments are indicated by the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius.  The every 20 year Great Conjunction occurs between Jupiter and Saturn as they walk hand in hand into Aquarius on the Winter Solstice commencing a new 200 year theme for humanity and a real "heating" up of the Age of Aquarius ~ humanitarian themes, equality needs, brilliant innovation and activism.  What does this mean for you?

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