United States Pluto Return: 1/21 - 4/24 The Transformation of a Country

United States Pluto Return: 1/21 - 4/24 The Transformation of a Country

 Pluto is considered the Lord of the Underworld. It has the knack of exposing hidden truths, dark secrets, and the shadowy stuff. It brings the dark, hidden, and taboo up to the surface in order for it to be dealt with and faced.


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The Pluto Return occurs in the United States chart at 27 degrees of Capricorn in the 2nd house of the country’s economy, national wealth and prosperity, liquid assets, and represents the nation’s banks, financial institutions, money markets, investments, stocks, bonds and shares.  The 2nd house represents consumer spending, commerce, currency and its circulation, and ALL activities concerned with money. 

Exact conjunctions are  2/20/22, 7/11/22, 12/28/22, 9/21/2023

Orb of influence:  1/26/21 – 4/24/24

Pluto enters Aquarius March 2023 / retro’s back into Capricorn and commits fully to Aquarius in 11/24.

Pluto is considered the Lord of the Underworld. It has the knack of exposing hidden truths, dark secrets, and the shadowy stuff. It brings the dark, hidden, and taboo up to the surface in order for it to be dealt with and faced.

Interestingly Pluto rules the 11th and 12th houses in the United States Chart.  The 11th house represents the legislature, Senate, House of Representatives as well as local governments.  It rules the Treasury and the country’s desires, purposes and projects.

In the sign of money, power and control, Capricorn in the 2nd house, we can tie big money with government policies, politicians and legislature.  I think we are all aware now of the ubiquitous role of money driving the country's policies through campaign financing, health policies and huge lobbying forces - the pharmaceutical and health care industry have 2 lobbyists for every member of Congress.  The United States is a country ruled by money, consumerism and the commodification of virtually everything.

The 12th house represents  disturbances and conditions that work against the public welfare.  This house also rules places of detention, jails, prisons, hospitals, retirement homes and charities.  It rules things that are hidden from the public but affect the public such as secret groups, unseen government, terrorist activities, behind the scenes manipulation, slavery, criminals and organizations devoted to forcible control.

This is a loaded transit marrying big money, the US government and hidden agendas that for some of you are becoming less hidden.  These are not entities that are reported in the media and many of these hidden energies influence the media. 

Pharmaceutical companies recorded record profits in 2021.  They are also seeking to stop the release of their safety data while simultaneously creating and in some cases mandating vaccines for small children that continue a liability shield for the companies from vaccine injury lawsuits.

Thousands of doctors have been silenced and threatened as many advocate for early treatment using repurposed and inexpensive drugs.  The corporate state demands compliance to vaccines while the lack of efficacy in both curbing transmission and immunity continues to surface.

Because the Pluto Return is occurring in the sign of Capricorn, there will be a spotlight on government, big business, authority figures, and essentially anyone in a position of great power.

Pluto rules over the process of transformation and the dark night of the soul that then leads us into a spiritual awakening and ultimately, a rebirth which is strong on the planet now. 

Every country’s chart has Plutonian energy that represents an ideology, social hierarchy, the way power is wielded, as well as a nation’s traumas, from war and destruction to social injustice and oppression.

Pluto opposes Mercury from 2017 to 2024 from the 2nd house of finances to the 8th house of corporate money, fatalities, taxation and insurance (medical and otherwise), and pandemic protocols.  People are suspicious and feel they are not getting the whole truth.  Public awareness of propaganda and half-truths can propel a diligent awareness and discernment.  Making level headed decisions and learning to trust your intuitive insights and pragmatism is a passage of growth now.

Extreme censorship is another quality of a dysfunctional society opposed to a functional democracy that supports free speech, discussion and opposing viewpoints.

We are witnessing the purging out of trauma in the collective and hence the intense, combative and low vibratory quality of public discourse and expression.  Pluto opposition Mercury in transit is the quintessential investigator committed to the path of seeking truth…

Success in anything we do will come through hard work, integrity, and seeing our shadow before projecting the blame on others, and the ones who are still driven towards abuse by ego, fear, and separation will go through a serious reality check.  Chiron transiting through the country’s 4th house of population and living conditions pushes and pushes for enlightenment and the healing path. 

A looming housing crisis is magnifying as residential properties climb in price.  Home prices are rising at a record 19% per year at the same time that one in seven residential homes are now owned by Wall Street.

The more greed, abuse, and manipulation that is uncovered, the easier it is to make conscious decisions, no longer allowing the wrong people and the wrong values to lead us. 

A Pluto return has to do with chaos and crises that are meant to nudge a country and its citizens towards evolutionary change.

Pluto transits — whether you are a person or a country — demand that you shed skin, write a new chapter, and embrace a new identity, they become more problematic and challenging when we try to cling to the status quo in hopes of avoiding change.

The United States’ Pluto return has four “peaks” (moments of high intensity):

  • February 2022
  • July 2022
  • December 2022
  • October 2023

After that final peak in October 2023, this return’s energy will begin to dissipate, but it will be in effect through January 2024.

Rome and Britain experienced two Pluto returns helping us to explore possible potentials regarding:  

  • Major changes in the laws 
  • Shift in government structure
  • Exposure of deep corruption
  • Need to heal the past
  • Civil War/ Power struggles
  • Conflicts with other countries
  • Agreements/Partnerships with other countries
  • Leaving agreements/partnerships with other countries
  • Changes or an overhaul of banking/economy
  • Changes or an overhaul when it comes to big business 
  • Unconventional leaders
  • Death/Overthrowing of leaders
  • Changing of allies
  • Rise of independence
  • Re-balancing power dynamics

The end of historical cycles always features corruption. Today, we have business and political corruption at every level.

The old decaying structures are the root causes for today’s social and political battlegrounds such as the distribution of wealth and, above all, the exploitative attitude towards resources and people. In business, executives and marketing teams regularly refer to the masses as “wallets.”

The Industrial Economy saw the mechanization of everything; including exploitation. Hence, we use mass communication, psychology, and neuroscience (marketing, advertising, entertainment-as-advertising, behavioral economics) to manipulate people on a mass scale (marketers: “create demand”).

The USA’s exploitative attitude also applies to our treatment of Earth, animals and plants. This loss of reverence for the universe and nature is fueling this awakening and growing clarity. We are currently an environmental disaster to Earth.

The human being never undergoes a Pluto return in their own chart due to the slow, deep and transformative orbital period of Pluto.  But humans do reliably undergo a Pluto square natal Pluto during the 30’s which reliably highlights feelings of discontent in the world around them….

When Pluto hits a natal personal planet or angle in the chart you undergo a metamorphic transmutation and radical change in your life.  Pluto wipes away the old, karmic, toxic and familiar in order to deliver you into a period of building up anew on hopefully, more solid ground.  Pluto transits are about the reclamation of soul intentions and urges. 

If you are on the wrong path Pluto unceremoniously comes in to change it and get you on the right path to optimize your soul growth and evolution.   Death and rebirth is Pluto’s domain.

Edward Bernay the cousin of Sigmund Freud in his 1928 book “Propaganda,” wrote “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society.  Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government (12th house) which is the true ruling power of our country.”

Pluto is the dark night of the soul, the chaotic and roiling energy that is experienced during times of great change. 

This Plutonian teaching mechanism seeks a deepening into love and spiritual awareness.  When you awaken to the heavy control themes on planet and is often experienced in childhood through the emotional unconsciousness and wounding of the parents, inherited from their parents and so on…..you learn about the dark to expand into the light. 

As so many are awakening to their souls and higher selves a renunciation of this trauma pattern is occurring as people release the crises script to learn and grow in and through the light.  I believe the Universe wants us to grow and expand into the future, not shrink and contract into the past. And, I believe that Pluto destroys in order to make things better, not worse, even though the path might be difficult and painful.

The country was built from scratch from oppressed people fleeing religious persecution and toxic ruling structures who wanted a better life for themselves. 

Pluto ideally brings the unconscious into conscious awareness and the pain, abuse, and discrimination that has been compounding through the years.  Just as the individual moves through a shamanic process of recall and integration so do countries and societies.

How you view and work with this energy depends upon your level of healing and consciousness.  Have you worked through your trauma patterns?  The more light you can emit the more helpful the passage.

 “Consider that the USA’s political system is going to change to the core. I’m not talking about an election or a party; the change will be deeper. Observe how the value of all structures is power. Imagine political organizations that truly served people and abides by people’s will.” ~Christopher S. Rollyson

The Aquarian push for humanitarian ideals is strong and intensifies into the years ahead.

Much Love ~





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Amazing. I know all endings are a ‘death’ but death brings new beginnings. Hopefully, it will spare some of us.

Fernando Stowell-Flores

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