My "Ginormous" Video Library

My "Ginormous" Video Library



Emotional Wellness & the Vagal Nerve
The Particle Matrix
Spiral Plasma Energy hitting Earth
Strong Earth Energy and Grounding Techniques
Different Perspective on Ukraine
Guides Perspective on the US Pluto Return (audio)
Developing Your Spiritual Practice (a special 2022 New Year gift for you)
Shamanic Music to disperse density in Body
Deep Healing through Theta Waves
Rising Above the Chaos
Affects of Consciousness on Planetary Power
Emotional Cause of your Physical Symptoms
Growth Themes for each Astrology Sign (Karma)
Dolores Cannon & The Spirit World
Mechanics of Dreaming (types and symbols)
What is the Astral Realm?
Healing Buddhist Mantra
Your Guides and Extrasensory Tools
Qualities of 5th Dimensional Life
What is 5th Dimensional Energy?
Torsion Fields and Consciousness
Narcissism (how to identify and recover)
The 9 Dimensions and Deprogramming
Dealing with Chaos
Why am I on Planet Earth?
The Anatomy of Bullying
Understanding Astrological Aspects (square,opposition,conjunction and trine)
Mars transits Aries 2020
United States Nessus Return (the belching out of hidden abuses)
Chart Interpretation
Levels of Consciousness
Schumann Resonance and Consciousness (audio)
What is the Shadow?
The Power of Surrender
Ceres and Nurturing (audio)
Personal Will and Radical Kindness
Understanding Your Brain Waves (audio)
Interpreting Solar Return Charts (Edward Snowden)
The Dark informs the Light
The Ionosphere and You (audio)
Holograms and Law of Attraction
Life Cycles in Astrology ~ Saturn Return (1st and 2nd), Pluto square Pluto, Neptune square Neptune, Chiron Return and more
Finding your Mother in your Moon Sign
Addiction and Mental Illness
Consciously Choosing your Thoughts
Understanding Your Dreams
What is Karma?- your soul journey
Health and the Astrological Sign
Pathways of Intuition
Eris & where you need to be different from Societal Norms
Fear, an Old Paradigm
Progressed Moon through the Chart - Sign and House
Interplay between your Ascendant and Descendant
Your Chakras and Your Health
Earth's Pole Shift
Saturn Pluto Influence Global and Personal
Age of Aquarius
Conscious Business
Understanding Angles in the Chart
Trauma Patterns



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