Wed., Oct. 25 - 27th:  Sun conjunct Jupiter

Wed., Oct. 25 - 27th: Sun conjunct Jupiter

The Sun conjuncts Jupiter at 3 degrees Scorpio highlighting a few days of increased optimism, faith and opportunity. Communication, self-expression and travel are beautifully supported.  Positive developments can unfold in heart centered areas - where you have a personal investment in publishing, marketing, commercial affairs tied to desires, and heightened spiritual connections.

Jupiter and the Sun can fuse differing beliefs into a singular expression of Love and Wisdom.  Abundant compassion, wisdom and magnanimous experiences are strongly enhanced. 

You will feel the uplifting energy in some area of your life.  The energy is transformative and life enhancing.  Positive developments can occur with intimate partners, financially, and in giving and receiving support.

This should be an enjoyable time in which you feel encouraged and supported by
others. Visits with friends are rewarding. You are able to count your blessings.
An opportunity for increased income may arise. Some positive event brings a ray
of sunshine into your life. Make it a point to do something nice for yourself at this

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