Wednesday, September 6th:  Full Moon in Pisces

Wednesday, September 6th: Full Moon in Pisces

The Full Moon in Pisces occurs at 3:03 a.m. EDT on Wednesday, September 6th at 13 degrees as it conjuncts Neptune and sextiles Pluto.  The Full Moon highlights culminations in volunteering, inner life, intuition, caring for others, pets, health, artistry, compassion, escapist tendencies, solitude, working in private, spiritual insights and rest - you seek balance between work/responsibility and downtime.  A fluid, confusing, spacey, artistic, sensitive, intuitive and wet (Pisces rules water, rain and precipitation as the US struggles to recover from Hurricane Harvey another Hurricane named Irma is churning out in the Atlantic). 

Pluto is in sextile suggesting a positive time to go with the flow of events and empower yourself to trust your instincts. Trust that allowing for the fog to clear, insights to arrive and reliable cognitive function to resume is strongly supported over the mid-week time period.  Handle what you must but make it okay to wait until the following week for new decisions, directions and decisive communications.

One day prior, September 5th, the energy that rules your conscious mind, the regular flow of transactions, communications, and electronic performance stations and prepares to move direct as Mercury stations at 28 degrees of Leo (near the Eclipse point of August) ushering in a period of personal planning in the areas of creativity, love, self-expression and in children's affairs.  As Mercury sluggishly awakens you take the time to let your mind inform you of next steps.  Mercury is past his retrograde shadow on September 20th.

You may sense a deeper sense of esoteric and spiritual meaning/purpose in your life as Jupiter sextiles the North Node of Soul Growth and Evolution through the first half of the month.  Jupiter asks you to dream bigger, trust more and engage with you higher instincts and perceptions.  Creative connections may play a part as these energies of wisdom and growth engage from 23 degrees Libra to Leo.
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