What is a Soul Coach?

What is a Soul Coach?

What is a Soul Coach? How I work is in a dimensional manner, which means I begin each of your sessions by tuning in and accessing your Akashic Records. In a state of deep compassion and sincere service, I then vibrationally move into the white light of the central sun, love, and consciousness. Only those who have reached the white light level may engage with me and my guides. I then ask for the most qualified energy to step forward and share what you most need to know.

Who shows up? I have no idea beforehand, but it can be your higher self, a guide, or a departed loved one. They appear visually in my inner eye, and I am able to receive their messages telepathically. I often write down the content as it comes quickly before I begin the session with you.

They bring in all kinds of fascinating, supportive, and very loving information. They have an expanded perspective on your life here on planet Earth, your purpose, goals you've set for yourself, areas of healing, ancestral patterns, and insights into those around you. It all depends!

I share this information at the beginning of each session so you can reference it more easily in the recording I send to you. From there, the session unfolds organically, uniquely tied to what the client is seeking to understand, work through, and discuss.

Your birth chart or soul mapping is always referenced as well, as it serves as a roadmap for the current themes running through your experience and why. The value of astrology is that it serves as a significant clock, alerting us to our curriculum, potentials, and, importantly, how long the transit will last. If it's a challenging time, it's very reassuring to know that there is a time frame, and it will not last forever.

My coaching career spans two decades and commenced with roles as a Business Coach and Life Coach. Over time, my abilities have evolved towards Soul or Dimensional Coaching. I started in the hi-tech industry and ventured into corporate training, public speaking, and permanent placement services. My feet firmly grounded in my extensive experiential background, which forms an integral part of my approach and service.

I discuss your experiences with you, and if desired, I share skill-building approaches and new perspectives. I am always deeply humbled by my work.  Much Love ~

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