Integrative Coaching

SESSIONS RECORDED on mp3 for your future reference ~

Life, Business & Soul Coaching

"Integration Coaching"

Since 1993 (1,900+ hours provided)

I specialize in breaking through life's conditioning process and the "not enough syndrome". 

Together we collaborate and discuss your personal purpose. Life gets easier when you gain an understanding of why you are here on this planet. In sessions we discuss moving beyond the impediments to purpose, integration of the soul self with the ego self, and commitment to healing.

Increase your life skills and become more masterful at navigating your career, relationships, creativity and personal journey.

All sessions include delivery via email of the recorded full session in an .mp3 audio format sent upon conclusion. I do not guarantee these recordings but have a 99% success rate to date.

**For the burgeoning Astrologer; Astrology mentoring is also available through these coaching services.**

~ I create a safe space to share, collaborate, receive feedback, support, insight and focus. ~

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