April 11th:  New Moon Aries

April 11th: New Moon Aries

The New Moon occurs in pioneering Aries on the 11th at 22 degrees setting up strong and fresh patterns in your life, identity, personal will, and entrepreneurial plans. The theme of individuation is strong as the New Moon conjuncts Eris the planet of discord and anger but also breaking from societal norms to do, be, express in your own way (given it is not harmful to others).

The New Moon also conjuncts Venus – highlighting new patterns in love, your values, creativity and finances.

Now, this Lunation also squares up to Pluto in Capricorn carrying the elements of anger around power but also breaking free from self-defeating patterns in your life.

We are marching towards the PLUTO Return in US exact on February 20th 2022 but is strongly in orb now through April of 2024. The return is squarely focused on corruption, those in power, all manner of inequality themes – and ideally the more greed, abuse, and manipulation are uncovered, the easier it is to make conscious decisions, no longer allowing the wrong people and the wrong values to lead us. Sessions with me @ https://jeanwiley.com/pages/services
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