April 25th:  Mercury Stations Direct

April 25th: Mercury Stations Direct

This Mercury retrograde cycle has proven to be exceptionally significant, stirring up behavioral patterns, sensitivities, impetuousness, aggression, anger, assertion, issues tied to identity, and the ability to make sound decisions.

Mercury stations direct on April 25th at 16 degrees Aries conjunct the North Node (evolution and growth). 

From there, he will resume forward motion, reconnecting with significant points: the Eclipse point on May 5th (attitudinal/situational developments), Chiron on May 6th (related to wounds, health concerns, pets, service, insecurity, integration, and renewal), and Eris on May 12th (pertaining to chaos, the digital space, and self-identity).

Mercury symbolizes the people who populate your world, such as friends, neighbors, children, and siblings. Also daily communication, neighborhood, community, travel, cars, computers, devices, schools and contracts.

This specific developmental phase concludes with Mercury's transit into Taurus on May 15th, marking a period where you can truly stabilize mental integration with practicality and grounded decision making. 

Photo:  Beth Robson Photography

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