August 12 - September 5th:  Mercury Retrograde in Virgo

August 12 - September 5th: Mercury Retrograde in Virgo

Mercury turns stationary retrograde on Saturday at 11 degrees Virgo.  In Virgo Mercury is ready and willing to develop and hold ideas in a state of gestation.  Ideas grow in strength and will seek release and development when he stations direct at the New Moon Solar Eclipse point (within a degree 28 degrees of Leo) on September 5th.

See this as a time of birthing knowing that rushing prematurely will not allow for a fully developed concept to take hold and flourish.  This period needs time for nourishment and growth.  Taking notes, researching and backing your ideas with elbow grease is the process Virgo requires. 

The Sun makes a stable and pragmatic trine to Saturn on  August 12th highlighting the ability to build something of sustainability while Venus trines Neptune engaging your creative imagination - fortuitous alignments.

Hours before his direct station on September 5th Mercury moves in trine with Uranus blending the two octaves of mental energy - intuition, organization, and the harmonious expression of ideas and plans.  Focus on the methodology knowing the Universe will be backing the inspiration and flow.  Sessions/Coaching/Donate


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