August 14 - 25th:  Venus transits through the Jupiter Pluto square

August 14 - 25th: Venus transits through the Jupiter Pluto square

Venus transits through sensitive and protective Cancer until September 26th.  Before she moves into the fire sign of Leo she too is following the path that the Sun and then Mars traversed in July.

Venus is the relating principle and represents your ability to receive and give love which arises from your own state of self-love and self-esteem - her glyph represents a hand mirror.  In psychological speak the term would be projection.  We frequently project our inner state of relationship with self to the outer world and partnerships.

Venus ideally brings wisdom to the power energy of the Jupiter Pluto square personalizing the dynamic within one's personal life and relating dynamics. 

14 - 16th:  Venus opposes Pluto - emphasizing patterns of relating that seek regeneration.  Hard control would center on controlling or manipulating others.  Soft control centers on owning one's ability to release outworn patterns and transform relationship dynamics.  With oppositions we often encounter this energy through the "other" and external circumstances.  Awareness of control issues is strong now.  Be careful and stay in touch with your own heart and emotional intelligence.  This may also manifest as positive and powerful developments within business, finances and personal empowerment.

16 - 18th:  Venus square Jupiter can further your ability to gain spiritual insight while blending the mind with heart.  Integration and wholeness is the earth plane curriculum.  Squares ask for adjustment, action and perhaps negotiation.  Jupiter can also expand one's sense of importance and the "I alone know the truth" tendencies. Beyond the exaggeration breathes deeper understanding. Financial developments, contracts, agreements, travel, knowledge gathering and relationship dynamics develop. 

23 - 25th:  Venus square Uranus - moves beyond the Jupiter Pluto square and heads towards the inspirational,  inconsistent, disruptive and freedom seeking energy of Uranus.  Shifting dynamics in group relating may leave you feeling unbalanced. You may become weary of protective tendencies and actively seek out liberating and authentic approaches to social connections.  Conversely, your personal levels of comfort may feel jangled or unnerved.  Venus trines Chiron aiding and abetting your ability to react and act with compassion and wisdom. Sessions/Coaching/Donate

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