AUGUST 2022 Part 1 - Sidereal/Constellation/Soul and Full Moon

AUGUST 2022 Part 1 - Sidereal/Constellation/Soul and Full Moon

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 Note:  This is Part 1 I misspoke in the opening statement ~





Hi, everyone. Welcome to your August Part 1 sidereal overview. For those of you new to my channel, I'm a soul coach, who offers both single and coaching package sessions. And I also bring in channeled content for my Patreon subscribers.


So thank you for being here. And if moved for subscribing, links to everything is below and at my site link above.


So we're talking about the Vedic energy here what's called the sidereal and an ancient cultures like the Egyptians, the Persians, the Vedic and the Mayans, they have always relied upon the sidereal system, they consider it more accurate, since it's based on an actual link between the time of birth and the natural world as opposed to a theoretical position based on the seasons of the earth. Now they both work. And I am bringing forth this information, especially for those of you who are working with ascension, and all the lightworkers because this gets to the deeper process of the heart and working with your energy.


But Ptolemy, mathematician and astronomer and geographer and, astrologer, he charted the Spring Equinox is zero degrees of Aries many, many, many, many moons ago and his method did not account for the precession of the equinox that shifts about about a degree every 70 years. So this is a spatial based system.

The tropical which you can also watch is a time based system, which I really use for the third dimensional expression on planet. This, I see as more of a dimensional multi dimensional expression on planet.

But right off the bat on the first of August Mars, the masculine principle of energy and action and desire and Personal Will is exactly conjunct something called the Uranus north node. They are both conjunct and this transit is at 23 degrees of Aries. Now, Mars in layman's term is where we become personally aware of instincts and urges within us. Mars is our will our confidence. Self confidence is a big piece on planet now too. But So Mars is really triggering this energy Uranus is about awakening, and the North Node is about the need for new themes and new patterns. What this means is for some time, the souls on planet have been imbued with a universal calm to individuate. Now, that's Uranus and the North Node and Aries.


What does individuate mean? To differentiate from others of the same species or kind, but you came here on planet Earth to experience separation and separation from your source energy, separation, and your amnesia with your dimensional history and expression. So the individuation process is occurring as many souls and many Lightworkers are awakening to their dimensional history and remembering their connections to source. Conversely, Unity Consciousness is the inclusion of all sentient beings remembering that we all come from source and to honor and love all beings in an inclusive manner.

The ancients understood the connection of all things, nature, animals, humans, and how we are all interacting with and connected to source energy. So this triple conjunction is making personal the aim of the Aries energy and remember Mars rules Aries really amping this up. So there's opportunity here to move beyond traditions or personal limitations that have affected your freedom of expression, or your individuation process. And that's where it's more comfortable to fit in with a group or fit in with the family. And part of this growth is honoring your dimensional self, as you hold compassionate respect for all others around you.

On the 2nd Venus, a feminine planet, transits Gemini, she's in Gemini sign of duality, right. Which is perfect because we learn on planet earth through duality, what we call light, what we call dark, what we call low or what we call high or they both serve each other. And so being aware of the denser material, some of the shadow some of the programming, as you're becoming more and more aware of your heart, and your light. She from her perch in Gemini, it joins this stellium of planets and brings, you know thought form personal narrative and communication sextiles this stellium in Aries. So this is all about mind self body thought. Notice the frequency engagement.

As you've been awash in solar magnetic waves this year, we are getting massive downloads. And I know many of you are feeling this, which can feel like I'm struggling with grounding, sleeping, relaxing, etc. But this is also asking to be moved through your system and finding that ground deep in the core of the Earth, the iron crystal core of the earth.

So again remembering the unity of how we are working with Gaia and Mother Earth, and we are a part of her. And we are using our energy in a conscious way to both stabilize ourselves and to enhance her consciousness and evolution. Now on the 6th of August, Venus joins the sun's transit and the sun is the illuminating principal awareness as she moves into the feminine sign of cancer, magnifying the value of nurturing community love family and home through the 31st of August.

And just prior to Mars transit into Taurus, he's been transiting Aries, he moves into a square with Saturn in Capricorn on the eighth although you'll feel this coming the seventh and the eighth. squares are always about learning, making adjustments moving through perhaps fear patterns, limited thinking obstructions maybe needing to be patient through here. By and Capricorn Saturn has been very adept the past few years exercising controls through the societal systems and hierarchies. Whereas Mars in Aries the individuation energy challenges, some of our programming, our fear programming, our dense programming, and he does that from 28 degrees of Aries to Capricorn.


And then Venus right on the very next day, so on the 9th Venus in cancer now, she opposes Pluto in Capricorn. The feminine and the transformative energy of Pluto may help to bring awareness to this Capricorn energy and its effect on the nurturing and mothering energy of cancer deep insights my arrived here tied to your family and authority as well as the power of your heart. Money real estate mom work structures relating are all highlighted through this passage with Venus in cancer and opposing Pluto. You may gain some real insight and some in depth understanding of some of your subconscious patterns, but also of being able to see a situation more clearly with your professional life and your personal life.

On the 10th, a long story is unfolding as Mars transits into Taurus through the end of March 2023. Due to his retrograde at the end of October at one degree of Gemini, he will station retrograde at the end of October, and it will take him until October 15, before he then Retrogrades back into Taurus, where he will be transiting through the end of March. So we can see how deep and purposeful this time is for us. Now, Mars will be parted about zero to one degree of Gemini, you know, October 15, through November. Bringing up mobility and transportation and schools and local community energy, but also siblings, relatives and friends.

Mars in Taurus is all things of the earth, including food, animals, whether nature as well as financial systems, and your personal resources or your stuff. How you earn money, how you spend money and how you meet your needs through the acquisition of resources. So big picture on this is to be aware of those things that you need and that will sustain you when Mars Retrograde and I do believe this is going to be you know, bringing some more disruption because Mars will be in Gemini in the tropical chart, the mental chart, the form chart, so money, food mobility, transformation, transportation school systems, as Mars slows down in October, now we're going to see some shifts and changes with us.

And I absolutely feel that the powers that be don't want us moving around a lot at this time. Both in our community perhaps and driving and long distance travel. So be aware of that. And if there are things that you're noticing that it might be helpful for you to take care of. Now, as far as your personal resources for example, I noticed a glitch with my dog's food back in April.

The universe was like take note of that and like Okay, and so now I'm I'm purchasing some more dog food, you know, other people this can be domestic animals, livestock, excetera resources, physical goods, um, that many of you have gotten a little hint about, perhaps where you need to focus and bring some resources to a higher level. Now,

August 11 is the full moon in the sign of career and authority and reputation and like direction and structures on planet the Full Moon is at 25 degrees of Capricorn and it conjunct Saturn. Full Moons are combinations of emotions, awareness. So this is very much highlighted on both your career your life direction, your reputation out there, authority figures, governments, hierarchical structures, and this Full Moon is squaring this now separating stellium of planets in Aries. So we can extrapolate that there will be some developments with patriarchal energy, personal freedom, the individuation process, but more deeply. This is about your awareness of your own programming. We've all been programmed being here on planet. And this is the time as we're sending an awakening and learning to center ourselves in our heart, where we have to deal with the mental narratives that have in some ways been purpose very purposefully implanted in our collective thoughts.

My guides are also bringing a focus on compassion and nature, nature is such a beautiful supporter of this awakening and of getting into the heart space because left on messed with she shows us perfect harmony, what goes out of balance how to bring that in balance. But certainly at this Full Moon on the 11th there will be some developments perhaps with your career, things maybe commitment Saturn can be about commitments, where there are adjustment to your personal habits and your sense of self. So see what comes up here.

Much love Namaste


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