August 26 - September 19th: Venus transits Leo

While Venus was lagging behind in Cancer tending to her emotions, family, personal life, security needs and domicile a build up of the personal planets in the sign of Leo was developing.  Now she joins the energy seeking to bring harmony and intelligence to the heart, love life, creative and playful.  Entertainment venues, children, self-expression and sexual desire seek connection through risk taking and listening to the heart.

While Venus enters Leo Mars conjuncts the North Node in Leo and the Sun conjuncts retrograde Mercury in Virgo.  Powerful instincts and insights are possible now.  Remember, the heart and instincts lead as you catch up to conscious awareness after Mercury stations direct on the 5th.

You now have most of the personal planets in two sectors of life experience - the Leo energy of authentic creation, making happy choices, drama, and individual development.  As this energy shifts into Virgo now through September you are being asked to integrate this into a process, productivity, the physical body, work and daily life. Sessions/Coaching/Donate

Photo by Stacey Hinkle

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