Coaching and Sessions with Jean


Areas of Expertise:

Integration and Healing: My focus lies in integration work, commonly referred to as shadow work or ancestral healing. This expertise assists you in harmonizing and embracing even the most demanding experiences, fostering assimilation and growth.

Multi-dimensional Growth: I specialize in nurturing multi-dimensional development, encompassing the refinement of your intuition, psychic faculties, channeling skills, and the cultivation of profound connections with your higher self and guides.

Through a synergistic blend of working closely with your guides and harnessing the insights of your Astrological Chart, you will gain a more profound and comprehensive understanding of your soul's journey. Simultaneously, this process enhances your self-esteem, intuitive acumen, and overall perspective on life.




Through both contact with your Guides and your Astrology Chart we discuss the current frequency and planetary rhythms moving through your life and insight into decision making, timing and themes weaving through your current timeline.