August Part 2 and Full Moon

August Part 2 and Full Moon



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Hello, everybody, welcome to your August Part 2 videoscope on the Full Moon and the energies running through this month. We're still strongly engaging with that New Moon in Leo on the 8th. That is all about your authentic self, your inherent creative ability. Humans are extremely creative beings. If everyone understood that more, the dynamics would be very different on planet. The power, the co-creating, and the emotional energy that's available to each human being. This New Moon in Leo is part of a T-square with Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius. This is all fixed sign energy and the T-square is about tension.

Where that does that empty out?  Into Scorpio. Soul renewal, transformation, energy, personal empowerment that is based in love, unity consciousness versus separation, because we're seeing the programs out there very strongly. The fear programming, power has used this for a long, long time to control populations, to create fear.

Now think about when you're feeling fearful. It's a palpable energy, I can feel it. It's like a weight drops from your heart down to your feet. There's a heaviness and a density that you can immediately feel when you are in a fear state. Be aware of that and just work through it. Do I get triggered sometimes? Yes, and I'm like, "Let me work through this and align my energy and engage," and then it starts to fade.

That's useful to remember because Uranus in Taurus is all about freedom, and Taurus is about living by your values, and awakening your values, and how you earn your money, and deep self-respect. We are seeing this theme as well as a huge change is going on in the employment sector, and people making shifts and changes, seeing some of their current avenues as limiting and deciding to do things differently. That's very Uranus, Taurus. Uranus is about awakening your personal self-respect, your self-esteem. You are never departing again from that self-love. Of course, Taurus is about the money and how you earn money.

Saturn in Aquarius, wherever Saturn is transiting, it's about learning about responsibility and commitment. In Aquarius, which is the sign of what's your true path. Choosing, creating, committing to, and taking responsibility for, what would bring you pleasure, what would bring you purpose, what would bring you meaning in your life? Saturn's also teaching about that. This is the tension. With Leo, your creative, authentic heart bumping up against these energies, emptying out into Scorpio, which is all about the transformative initiation, if you will.

What is the third dimension here on Earth? It's heavy. [laughs] It's heavy, and it's very rigid, and it's right and wrong, and black and white, and yes and no, and the programming is absolutely feeding this divisional energy. We went from political parties to now this other situation. A lot of fear, this pandemic of fear that is being programmed by what I will call inorganic energy into an inorganic hologram. I want to remind you to engage with your hologram, your heart, your co-creating of your life, and your reality. It can actually just lift you up out of that denser engagement that's pumped through you via the usual channels.

On the 16th of August, Venus heads into Libra, her home sign, where she'll be transiting until September 10th. There's going to be an increased focus on Libra. Libra is the sign that is seeking balance. Wherever Libra is in your chart is where you seek balance. A lowered Libra energy is what I'll call the quintessential people-pleasing programming, and to sit with the discomfort instead of reacting to it, and perhaps even the discomfort of others being unhappy with you, it's breaking this pattern to feed that Leo energy.

That's a powerful motivator for humans because we're herd animals. We want to feel connected, accepted, included, and approved of. Leo especially is really looking for his father's approval and is seeking pride and a sense of pride through others, but the real message is the more you own your energy and your authentic self, Leo, the more that lines up your reality movie and the aspects that drop into that, that match that frequency and that vibration.

It's also overcoming people-pleasing and the discomfort of letting others handle their own problems instead of rushing in to fix them. Another quality of people-pleasing is the discomfort of maybe having difficult conversations and setting boundaries, and the discomfort that comes when we realize that other people's happiness isn't our responsibility, but your own happiness is your responsibility.

You don't know their soul mapping, their trajectory, what they're here to learn. This has been part of the hierarchical training, especially with the feminine energy, lowering that energy to succumb to and fall in line with and do what's asked of you. This is part of this burgeoning unity, and soul growth is bringing that feminine online in an empowered, loving way, not in a supplemental, fearful way.

As we head to the 19th of August, Uranus is stationing retrograde, though, we’ll be feeling this as we get closer to that date. When the big generational planets station direct or retrograde, things often happen. Developments occur because it's slowing down and idling in the universal source field to bring a great deal of focus to that. Uranus will be retrograde until January. It retrogrades at 14 degrees of Taurus. Uranus is all about your goals, your freedoms, your deep self-respect, and deep self-commitment.

What also happens on this day is Mercury's conjunct Mars on the 19th at 13 degrees of Virgo, so we can anticipate some anger, some low vibrational communications. Mercury conjunct Mars in Virgo is all about health situations, and the sun is also opposing Jupiter on the 19th from 27 degrees of Leo to Jupiter in Aquarius, which can be, again, working with the dimensional energy, we can also see a lot of righteousness and narcissistic tendencies and all of that.

Working with this you can see it can be an empowering time and Virgo is all about taking responsibility for your health too and instead of waiting till things go wrong, "I'll go to the doctor and get a pill or get a medical treatment," it's an empowering time with Mars transiting through Virgo to get active. Just being active on a regular basis can ward off a lot of problems. Activity also releases those hormones and chemicals that are great for your mental health and well-being.

I'm out every day walking, every day. I look forward to it. I can't wait to get out and commune with nature because nature carries the highest light on this planet. That's why we feel so soothed by it being near an ocean, the mountains out amongst the trees, the grass. This is a very dynamic day around the 19th of August and then on the 22nd we have the nicest full moon of the year and that's 29 degrees of Aquarius. It's the second Full Moon in Aquarius highlighting the importance of this Aquarian energy and responsibility to self, but it conjuncts Jupiter. This should bring buoyant developments for you, increased sense of generosity, good faith and possibilities.

Freedom themes with Jupiter in Aquarius can also be expected. Wherever this Aquarius is in, it's at 29 degrees. It may be hovering in your 10th house too, maybe there's freedom themes playing out here but with Jupiter, it is about the higher mind and consciousness and positivity and feeling more confident as well. Also on the 22nd the sun heads into Virgo and joins Mars and Venus, bringing more conscious awareness to all things health-oriented, mental health, physical health, spiritual health. Again, it's a great time to get organized, whatever that means for you.

While Venus is transiting through Libra until September 10, this is all about beauty. Being around beauty, literally through music, through painting, through art, through nature, literally can bring higher vibration into your energy system. It's a good time to really develop habits and skills around bringing beauty, whatever that means for you into your life on a consistent basis. Venus through Libra is also about relationships and that's why I bring the people-pleasing in though because Libra is seeking balance and Venus and Libra lean towards the, "I'll just go along to get along and just want to be liked and accepted."

Also the discernment on the higher vibrational scale about your inner personal relating and having healthy boundaries. Venus through Libra is a great time for wardrobe purchases, for cosmetic procedures, and for investing in luxury items. You've got the green light on all of that. On the 23rd of August, Venus trines Saturn from eight degrees Libra to Aquarius, so this is very nice stable, flowing energy. Mercury is in opposition to Neptune on the 22nd, from 22 degrees of Virgo to Pisces.

While the mind may be a little confused, lean in towards that stabilizing energy of your heart. Then on the 30th of August, Mercury heads into Libra until November 5th. It's going to station retrograde on September 27th at 25 degrees of Libra and it will station direct mid-October when all of the big planets start stationing direct again but God or the universe in her wisdom is bringing an extra focus to the balancing, life-force energy and to communication development and skills. Mercury in Libra is all about inter-personal relating and communications. There's going to be quite a focus on this through the beginning of November, this is the teaching [laughs] with your mind now.

Mercury through Libra is all about the artist as well and the beauty and the balance and even spatial relationships in your world. It is about bringing balance to your own mind. This is a year of learning all about how to bring balance and harmony to yourself as you're watching all of this intense energy playing out in the 3D world. The Pluto conjunct Pluto is heating up in that second house, the United States chart in Capricorn about governments, corporations, money, control, all of it. We're seeing all of it, so be aware of those fear scripts. Own your mind, own your mind. Take responsibility for your happiness, your love, your heart, and your internal balance. Much love to everybody. Be well.

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Thank you so much for the depth and quality of this information. I feel a sweet resonance with some special words and phrases which tells me those areas will be much activated for me.

Sharon Leahy

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