Authentic Citizens United Activities - Week of December 18th ~

Authentic Citizens United Activities - Week of December 18th ~

I am hanging in with Net Neutrality reversal through the Congressional Review Act - more HERE

The House will vote Tuesday, Dec. 19th and the Senate later this week.  Tax Reform ~ watch carefully the discussion on "pass through income." This will be saving the wealthiest millions and millions - video HERE

Final arguments are underway today in Washington, D.C., in a case that could shape the future of free speech and the right to protest in the United States: the first trial of the nearly 200 people arrested during President Donald Trump’s inauguration. ~ read more HERE

Awaiting the Verdict

Call / email your officials below.  If anyone has petitions / comments / ideas to share please do so in the comments section below ~

A list of all elected officials in the United States -

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This is fantastic Jean.
Fight back America.


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