Comparison is the Thief of Joy

Comparison is the Thief of Joy

If there were one disease I  had the power to cure it would be the ailment of low self-esteem.  What I have learned through the years with resounding clarity is that each and every person has come to this world for their very own unique reason and has agreed to chart a destiny for themselves that maps out areas of potentials and evolution.

Many strive for the attainment of certain material goals, success and validation.  Often, these very goals were influenced by outside influences that may or may not be in congruence with the Soul’s intentions.  Destiny is a reality and within that framework is plenty of free will as to how that destiny will manifest.

There are gifts and talents at your disposal in this lifetime that can be muffled and silenced when in the act of comparison.  It is easy to look to another as the symbol of everything that you seemingly lack.  Yet, unless that person has done their inner work and connected with their vibrational self no amount of success or material acquisition will fill that hole of self-acknowledgement and self-love.  You have no idea what another is going through regardless of “appearances.”

The cult of “Celebrity” is a very effective mirror for this phenomenon as is the rise of Competitive Reality Shows.  The rise of Reality television was actually born out of a writer’s union strike a few decades back.  Producers needed programming that was “cheap,” and didn’t require plot and story development.  Hence, the REALITY phenomenon was born.  It’s inexpensive to produce and requires less paid talent as it feeds that struggle oriented belief in lack, less than, better than, winner and loser.

The Critical Judge Self is born out of the compare and contrast energy with those around you and through the external belief in lack.  The Critical Judge Self is most often the cause of suicide.

As you honor your own truth, gifts, talents, value systems and preferences you enlarge that acknowledgement vibrationally.  Seeking outside validation through every step of the process can be tricky as people may be too distracted with their own Critical Judge Self and unable to clearly comprehend and value who you are.  That is each and every person’s job – the tending to and healing of self. 

For me, Abundance is the freedom to grow, live and express myself as authentically as possible.  For some it may be the acquisition of the newest Iphone and yet for others having something to eat. 

An Attitude of Gratitude is the most effective tool for Abundance Manifestation.  When you align with things in your life that you feel grateful for you raise your vibration and attract more things to be grateful for. 
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This resonates greatly with me. It has been a lifelong struggle with Chiron in Pisces in my 2nd house, North Node, Saturn and the Moon in Aries in my 2nd as well. It’s a challenge to say the least.

Nevertheless I’m tenacious and determined to heal it all in this lifetime.

I really enjoy your insight. You’re wonderfully and expansively intuitive. Thank you for sharing your gift.


Jean Wiley, the work that you do in astrology is truly without compare. Thanks for all you share!

Wendy Ashworth

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