Currents Trends as I see Them ~

Currents Trends as I see Them ~

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In the summer of 2001 Saturn opposed Pluto from Gemini to Sagittarius (rules airplanes, foreigners and media). Saturn and Pluto hard transits have earned a reputation of power energy and for the lower frequencies of power expression we can say unethical power. An agenda was moved forward after the 9/11 event that we have now learned was built on a false narrative.

20 years later we take a look back at the trillions that were spent and the transfer of wealth to defense contractors. We were told this immense amount of money was to train the Afghanistan's to build up their army and learn to defend themselves from the Taliban. Just a few days after withdrawing that narrative fell with a resounding thud. All of that money spent and the Taliban moved in so quickly? Yes.

One agenda concludes while another is now firmly established. I follow the money...

Now, we have a another Saturn Pluto event that perfected in January 2020. A time of unprecedented transfers of wealth from middle American businesses being shuttered resulting in an explosion in corporate wealth and power.

We will support those renters who cannot pay their rent and do little for the person holding the mortgage on these properties.

Foreign and domestic investors descended to scoop up residential properties from financially stressed landlords - I think the term for this is disaster capitalism. Five banks have also refused to honor PPE loan debt forgiveness they simply said "uh, nope...what are you gonna do about it?"

Both events carry the same signature of loss of personal freedoms and rights in the spirit of "keeping you safe." Do what we tell you and we will keep you safe as increased surveillance applications are downloaded onto phones and the vaccine passport was born. A Cast System is now in place.

Power is extremely adept at the psychological grooming process. One step at a time.
Two week lockdowns and business closures will return us to normal and dissipate the virus.
Nope, we need you to stay home for several months and that will bring a return to "normal."
Next, we need you to wait for the vaccines that will provide immunity and keep you safe and then we can return to "normal."
Now, we understand the vaccines don't in fact keep you from spreading the disease or getting infected.

Okay, next we need you to wear masks again and wait for the next booster shot.

Now we need you to mask your children even while outdoors because in theory even though you are vaccinated (which should keep you safe) we now need to mask the toddlers in CA, and on airlines VIDEO. No, we are not interested in their psychological well being or carbon dioxide in their lungs as we need to keep you safe!

Also, please blame the other citizens who are hesitant (as well as an increasing number of health care workers) and aren't getting vaccinated for this ongoing virus event. They are to blame for this ongoing virus - not us remember we are here to keep you safe.

The FDA the organization mandated to regulate medicine is funded by the very entities (pharmaceutical companies) that it is tasked with oversight.  Medicine has undergone a significant shift in the regulatory process than decades ago.  An excellent video on the change in regulatory process by Russel Brand.

The more we can divide the more we conquer...

This is called psychological step at a time and the major ingredient in all of this is Fear pumped to you through the usual channels over and over and over. It's called sigil magic - keep showing shots going in arms, and more shots and more shots this will help normalize the idea.

We suppress other news outlets and the corporate media is heavily connected with the pharmaceutical companies so....

We incentivize the hospitals that run on thin margins, shut down their ability to perform elective surgery (a major revenue stream) during lockdowns and provide a life line through a new Medical Coding system that will earn you up to 50k per patient. As long as you can find the "v" in the system please code it under this new coding system. Are vaccine injuries and death also driving up hospitalizations? Yes.

Anyone who does not comply will be censored, professionally ruined and ridiculed through these very sophisticated mechanism we have carefully honed and cultivated to manufacture consent and division within a society.

Yes, this is a real virus cooked up in a lab through Gain of Function Research and unleashed on a population. Dr. F. lobbied to allow this funding once again under the last President. These systems are psychotic and insane. Are you "awakening" to these systems?

Does spirit use increasingly difficult circumstances to propel shifts in consciousness and awakening? Yes, and again Yes.

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